Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why So Many Texas Tech Student Deaths?

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The start of the 2014 school year at Texas Tech is proving to be one of the worst in history when it comes to fatal accidents involving students. The number grew to seven last weekend when two student siblings, Kylie and Ryan Murphy, lost this lives in a tragic car accident not far from Austin. On August 13th, Morgan Lee was killed in a traffic accident near Clovis New Mexico. On August 19th, Tucker Arnold died when he wrecked his vehicle at 49th and Avenue U in Lubbock. Then on August 22nd, Josh and Adam Coates perished in a motor vehicle accident in Tucson, Arizona while in route back to school. Dalton Debrick, from Irving, was found dead on August 24th in an off-campus home after some type of party the night before. Sadly, there are no real good reasons why so many Texas Tech students have died within such a short period of time in 2014. Let's just all be extra careful out there and break this terrible pattern before it becomes even worse.

Source: kcbd.com

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