Tuesday, September 23, 2014

White House Secret Service Under Criticism

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After a Texas man - Omar Gonzalez - jumped a White House fence on Friday – the U.S. government agency in charge of protecting the building and the First Family have come under criticism from some in the news media and Washington political leaders. What concerns folks the most is that Gonzalez was not only able to jump the fence and enter the White House grounds – but he made it all the way into the building before security captured and place him under arrest. To my knowledge – no one in modern history has made it that far into the White House grounds and everyone who cares about this great nation should be concerned that this happened. Back on September 11th, 2001 – the United States was totally caught off-guard when terrorist attacked the homeland. However – in 2014 – there are terrorist on television everyday pledging to anyone who will listen their desire to hurt the United States in any way possible. Personally – I believe the U.S. Secret Service is doing a great job in protecting the President and other important leaders. This new politically correct society we have created for ourselves has caused government agencies - like the U.S. Secret Service - to second guess their actions at the worst possible time. What do you thing the news media would be writing about today – if an agent shot and killed Omar Gonzalez – rather than letting him get inside the White House before he was arrested? My guess is they would be criticizing the U.S. Secret Service for being trigger happy – rather than their current storyline of saying they are incompetent or lazy. In the world today and especially in Washington D.C. there are no longer any issues that are universally considered right or wrong. In that kind of world – it doesn't matter - if the Secret Service did everything by the book or not. They will be criticized either way by quick rush-to-judgment reporters and politicians. The President of the United States has said that he has full confidence in the U.S. Secret Service and when you consider it is his life and that of his family they are in charge of protecting – maybe the news media and politicians should find another issue to gripe about and cut them some slack?

Source: cnn.com

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