Monday, September 15, 2014

SpaceX Rocket Testing Near Waco In McGregor

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It's an exciting time to live near the Central Texas town of McGregor. A company called SpaceX is testing different types of rockets and on several days and nights per month - hundreds of residents may walk out on their porch and watch these amazing tests. Like many of you I expect - I grew up watching the U.S. manned space program go from nothing to putting many men on the moon and bringing them safely back home. For the past decade – the U.S. space program has become boring. However - in recent months the future has starting to look bright again and the center of this new push to go even deeper into space is based in McGregor Texas. A few weeks ago – while testing a new rocket – there was a malfunction at the SpaceX Central Texas facility. You may have watched on YouTube as that rocket ship was destroyed in mid-flight after something went wrong. I believe in the months and years to come – thousands of Texas will plan their vacations around the rocket testing schedule at SpaceX in McGregor. I never get tired of watching these amazing spaceships blastoff from the planet Earth.


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