Monday, September 15, 2014

Miss Texas Monique Evans Did Not Win 2014 Competition

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A student from the University of Texas represented the Lone Star State last night in the Miss America pageant in New Jersey. 22-year-old Monique Evans did not win - but she did Texas proud. Call me old fashion – but I liked the old Miss America pageant better – before the new folks took over several years ago. While Bert Parks could not carry a tune in a bucket during his last few years as the host of the show – I would always tune in at least to hear him bellow out his trademark song 'There She Is – Miss America.' Another reason I liked the Miss America pageants from the past better – is because Miss Texas was usually the odds on favorite to be one of the final two contestants. What's with this Miss New York winning the competition three years in a row? I like New York – but everyone should know that the smartest and most beautiful women on this planet live in the state of Texas.


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