Friday, September 19, 2014

Is Political Correctness Destroying America?

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Most people use the term political correctness to describe different things – but in the end it does not matter what the issues are – because all political correctness is designed to control the actions and behaviors of others. From an early age we are thought to mind our own business and if someone else's actions bother us we should just look away and ignore them. For the most part – that is sound advice which is going unheeded by many in the world today. From recent NFL scandals - to same sex marriage - to the food police – there are millions of well meaning people who believe it is their mission in life to change the behavior of others. Just the other day - I read about some person or group who wants Olive Garden to stop giving customers unlimited bread-sticks. These folks are just down right control freaks who need to get a life for themselves. Have you ever seen one spokesperson representing these groups ever look happy when interviewed on TV? I know I haven't and that's because they are not happy. They are completely miserable and to quote an old saying 'misery loves company.' While the 'food police' are bad – in more recent days groups of women have been out in force trying to punish the NFL for the 'off-the field' violence being committed by some of their players against women. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard a spokesperson for one of these groups tell a reporter the other day that it would help the NFL if they gave money to groups like hers. Now how is that going to help protect women from abusers? I personally think law enforcement should lockup men and women who use violence against any person - whether they are in a relationship or not. How will punishing the NFL as a brand protect the health and well being of women? The NFL violence against women and food police issues are usually supported by liberals in this country. In my last example – the opposition to same sex marriage – is a poster child issue for political conservatives. Like their liberal brothers and sisters – American conservatives believe they have the right to decide who can marry whom in the United States. For the life of me I cannot understand how someone wanting to marry another person of the same sex is hurting anyone. So why is it so important to try and control the behavior of homosexuals? Simply put – most conservatives are Christians and the bible teachers that homosexuality is a sin. Here again is an example of how everyone would be better served – if folks would just mind their own business and let others be. Is political correctness destroying America? In my opinion not yet – but we only need to look in other countries around the world like Iraq and Syria to learn what happens to a society when one group of people try and force their beliefs, opinions and values on others.


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