Friday, September 12, 2014

Is Panhandling Ban In San Antonio Illegal?

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Last week my wife and I spent a few days in San Antonio on vacation. While we were there - several people asked us for money in downtown and on the Riverwalk. I usually just say no when someone asks for money - simply because I expect any monetary contribution I make to them will quickly be taken to a nearby liquor store and spent on booze. During our vacation in San Antonio we saw a news story on television that talked about the desire of the police chief there to make it a criminal offense for anyone to give money to a panhandler on the street. I must admit I was shocked when I heard this news and thought to myself that such a law would probably be unconstitutional. Over the past week - the Chief of Police in San Antonio has continued his lobbying efforts of city council members to pass his 'no panhandling' bill. Folks - I know none of us enjoy being approached on the street by people who are asking for money. That said, it is completely insane for a city to decide to punish honest citizens who make the decision to help out their fellow man by giving them a dollar or two. San Antonio is a wonderful place to visit - but many people will just decide to go somewhere else – if the local police department decides to start writing visitors tickets - simply because they made the choice to offer a small amount of money to some homeless person living on the streets.


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