Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Lottery's Fun 5's Scratch-off A Ripoff?

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There are more than a few people who play the Texas Lottery who feel ripped off by the scratch off game Fun 5's. I must admit that even after reading the rules - I am confused too. The problem revolves around the rules of the game – which state: 'Reveal a money bag symbol in the 5X box, win 5 times that prize.' That explanation sounds clear to me, but in reality it is as clear as mud. When you look at the picture above – it says '5X Box' right above where the bag of money is shown. That ticket should be a winner – right? Not so fast. The Texas Lottery Commission says that people are misunderstanding the rules. According to them, this other line in the rules 'Reveal three 5 symbols in any one row, column or diagonal to win the money bag symbol' explains why those tickets are not winners. I have a real problem with the State of Texas selling lotto tickets with rules so complicated it takes a lawyer to figure out whether someone won on a scratch off game or not. There is something wrong with any lottery commission who uses tactic like this to sell lotto tickets to folks who are many times down on their luck and spending their last buck on a 'pie-in-the-sky' ticket that appears like a winner – but really is not.


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