Monday, September 15, 2014

Greg Abbott Jobs From California Wheelchair Ad

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has released a new television commercial that I like a lot. In this ad – Abbott is seen in his wheelchair rolling across a huge map of the United States from California to Texas. While he is making this journey – Abbott is talking about the hundreds of companies who have relocated from California to Texas. There are some pundits who believe the 2014 election for Governor of Texas will revolve around issues like immigration and abortion – but it appears Greg Abbott believes that major issue will be jobs. I like this political ad for another reason as well. Rather than trying to hide the fact he cannot walk like President Roosevelt did during World War II – Attorney General Abbott is telling millions of Texas voters that he is not a helpless victim. Wendy Davis is fighting an uphill battle to win this race as a Democrat in one of the most 'red states' in the country. At least for now – Abbott is doing what is necessary to become the next Governor of Texas.


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