Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finally Doing The Right Thing For Timothy Cole

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Back in 1985 a student at Texas Tech University was convicted and sent to prison for the crime of rape. He always maintained his innocence - even until the day he died in prison in 1999. After Cole's death – it was proven through DNA testing that he indeed was a wrongly convicted man. On Wednesday – Texas Governor Rick Perry and a host of other state and national dignitaries will pay tribute to Cole in a ceremony on the Texas Tech campus in Lubbock. At 2:00PM a privately-funded granite and bronze statue of Cole will be dedicated at 19th and University. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis are expected to attend this dedication ceremony. Timothy Cole was the first man in Texas history to be posthumously exonerated by a governor. This story should concern anyone who has fought for the truth in our criminal justice system. Is it really that hard to believe that Texas might have wrongfully convicted someone for murder and then killed that innocent person in a state sponsored execution? That's something all Texans should think long and hard about.

Source: kcbd.com

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