Friday, September 26, 2014

Everyone Knows Someone With Cancer

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There are many illnesses in the world today – but one of the worst is cancer. So many people have died from cancer in my family over the years – that I have lost count. With all the money that has been donated and spent on cancer research – everyone hoped that this dreaded disease would have been defeated by now. There has been massive progress made in fighting many forms of cancer and that's the good news. However – some types of cancer like pancreatic are pretty much a death sentences for 90% plus of those who are diagnosed. Joan Lunden is pictured above before undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Like many other cancer victims – Lunden is taking a proactive approach to the gradual loss of hair that occurs while undergoing treatment. I personally believe the only way to defeat cancer – once and for all – is to continue research into vaccines that will teach our own immune systems to battle cancer in the same way it protects us from other dangerous viruses and bacterias. There has been progress made on that front - with some of the best results being seen in the fight against Lymphoma. The permanent demise of cancer will likely take many more decades – but it appears researchers are finally on the right track to end this monster – once and for all.


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