Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Computer Stolen From Dentist Vonica Chau's Office

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It seems like everyday there is another news story about someone hacking into our personal information or just stealing it the old fashion way. This story involves the second example. Recently, someone broke into the dental office of Dr. Vonica Chau in Arlington Texas and stole a computer. Sadly, that computer was loaded with extremely private information belonging to Dr. Chau's patients. What concerns me the most is this theft occurred between August 23 and the 25th, but the potential victims are just now being notified of the crime. We have seen long delays in reporting this type of criminal behavior before at both Target and more recently Home Depot. The computer that was stolen from Dr. Chau's office contained information including name, age, date-of-birth and social security numbers belonging to more than 500 patients. While it might be impossible to stop criminals from hacking into private networks or simply sealing a computer from an office, it should not take a week or more for the potential victims of this type identity theft to be notified about what happened.

Source: nbcdfw.com

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