Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christina Morris' Parents Talk To Fox News Channel

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In an effort to continue to bring attention to the case of their missing daughter, Christina Morris, her parents recently sat down for an almost 5-minute interview with the Fox News Channel. Jonni McElory and Mark Morris told anchor Steve Doocy that they do not know what happened to Christina and they went on to plead with the public to help in the search for their missing child. Christina Morris went missing over one week ago in a parking garage in Plano, Texas. In the interview you may watch by clicking the link below, Christina's father told Doocy that the man who walked her to a car around 4:00AM was not a close friend, but someone she knew from her days at Allen High School. The Plano Police Department and hundreds of volunteers are asking for any leads the general public can provide to locate Morris. If you would like to watch the Fox News Channel interview with Christina Morris' parents, click the link below.

Source: foxnews.com

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