Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baylor Bears On The Road In Buffalo

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The final score of the 2013 game between the Baylor Bears and Buffalo Bulls was 70-13 and it's extremely possible that the final score tomorrow will be even worse for the Bulls. In 2013, the Baylor Bears were ranked 23rd in the nation, this year they are in the number 8 position. Last year, Bryce Petty was the starting quarterback for the Bears and he is expected to play again on Friday. For fans of teams like Baylor - these non-conference games are fun - because the level of talent is tipped so far to one side - it's almost impossible for the other team to compete. I've been a Baylor Bears fan for a long time and I don't have to remember back too many years when it was Baylor who was the victims of these huge blowouts – instead of the other teams. Like most other fans, I am eager to see conference play begin and my biggest hope for the game tomorrow night is for Bryce Petty to not injure himself further.


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