Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Acute Alcohol Intoxication Caused Dalton Debrick's Death

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Most folks already suspected that alcohol played a role in the death of Dalton Debrick several weeks ago – but the Lubbock medical examiner solidified those fears on Tuesday when he released his findings. Acute Alcohol Intoxication was the cause of Dalton Debrick's death. This is not the first or the last time a college student will died from overconsumption of alcohol – but it's a tragedy every single time it happens. I did not know Dalton or any of his previous history as a high school student in Irving, Texas. While it is possible he was into drinking in high school – my gut tells me that he was not and that is why he drank more alcohol than his young body could process. It does concern me that he was 'rushing' in order to join the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at Texas Tech. Everyone understands what goes on when a young freshman is eager to get accepted into a fraternity. Yes – the rules have been tightened to prevent hazing – but if anyone takes the time to examine what really is going on they will release it still happens. I think it is absolutely terrible that Dalton Debrick was left alone to die in that Lubbock house. We were all young once and that false sense of feeling 'bullet proof' is still alive and well today. It could be Dalton's death was brought about by his own poor judgment. However – it's good to know that the Lubbock Police Department will continue to investigate this case.


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