Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Political Extremism Might Destroy The Planet Someday

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Sadly, the world might be destroying itself right now while political extremes continue to debate which side is right or wrong on the issue of 'climate change'. Neither side wants to admit one thing they believe in is wrong and that should scare the pants off of anyone who believes most truth resides in the middle ground of important issues.

While I come down on the conservative side that the Earth's temperature always has and always will be changing, I must admit that I don't have all the answers as to whether 'climate change' is caused by man or not. It's a shame that this issue has been so politically divisive when the consequences are so potentially severe.

I have no doubt that hard left politics are pushing the case that 'climate change' is not only real and man made, but also using techniques of persuasion where anyone who disagrees with their gloom and doom predictions are just flat out wrong.

On the other side, extreme conservative pundits paid for by oil and gas interests use similar techniques to demonize 'climate change' proponents as nothing more than radical environmental extremist who want to see the world move from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy, even if that brings the world economy to its knees.

Like so many other crazy things that are happening in the world today, it will be our children's children who will ultimately pay the price if everything goes wrong down the road. I just wish there was a way to discuss the issue of 'climate change' without all the political double talk poisoning the conversation at every turn.