Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Picture McLane Stadium May 2014

When a group of people put their minds into a project, it is amazing what can get done in a short period of time. Check out the photo above of the new football stadium being built near the Baylor University campus on Interstate 35.

Last week, the stadium marque was put into place as hundreds of students, alumni and school benefactors watched with pride. Only a few short months ago, I did not think McLane Stadium would be completed before the first Baylor Bears home football game of 2014.

However, now that the new stadium appears more complete than a work in progress – I am more confident than ever tens of thousands of fans will be taking their seats in McLane Stadium in about three months time.

So much has changed in Baylor athletics since I moved to Waco, Texas in 1983. Back then, no one took the school seriously when it came to athletic competition. However, today in 2014 Baylor students are feared by other teams both large and small.

The digital image above of Baylor's new McLane Football Stadium was taken from a helicopter during the first few days of May 2014.