Thursday, May 29, 2014

Momma Dog Murdered, Puppies Left To Starve, Parker County

For a dog lover like me, stories of animal cruelty don't get any worse than what happen recently in Parker County, Texas. Someone, without a heart, shot a mother dog in the head and left her body and a litter of starving puppies there to die. Fortunately, a passerby saw those hungry puppies still trying to nurse their dead mother and rescued them. The little pups are all expected to survive thanks to a rescue organization called 'Angels and Outlaws Second Chance Bully Ranch' in Hico, Texas. I am about as mad as a person can be right now after learning about this terrible case of animal cruelty. Like many of you, Texas has been my lifetime home and when something like this happens – I just want to beat the heck out of the person responsible. The Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler is outraged, as well. He is asking the public to please contact his office, if they know who committed this horrible crime. His telephone number is: (800) 233-3732.