Thursday, May 29, 2014

Momma Dog Murdered, Puppies Left To Starve, Parker County

For a dog lover like me, stories of animal cruelty don't get any worse than what happen recently in Parker County, Texas. Someone, without a heart, shot a mother dog in the head and left her body and a litter of starving puppies there to die. Fortunately, a passerby saw those hungry puppies still trying to nurse their dead mother and rescued them. The little pups are all expected to survive thanks to a rescue organization called 'Angels and Outlaws Second Chance Bully Ranch' in Hico, Texas. I am about as mad as a person can be right now after learning about this terrible case of animal cruelty. Like many of you, Texas has been my lifetime home and when something like this happens – I just want to beat the heck out of the person responsible. The Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler is outraged, as well. He is asking the public to please contact his office, if they know who committed this horrible crime. His telephone number is: (800) 233-3732.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thousands Of Skipjack Fish Die In Galveston Bay

It was quite a site last weekend as visitors to Galveston Bay were greeted with the sight of thousands of fish lying dead on the beach. Experts believe this massive fish kill-off was the result of oxygen depletion in the water. Government officials said it is not uncommon for thousands of fish to die this way each year. This incident occurred near the Galveston and Harris County line.

Monday, May 26, 2014

McLane Stadium 90 Days Till Competition

The excitement is building each day in Waco, Texas as the new home for the Baylor Bears football team nears completion. Hundreds of thousands of drivers on I-35 have been watching McLane Stadium take shape over the past year and with the first Baylor Bears home football game only three months away – it's easy to see changes occurring every single day. It's hard for Waco residents, like me, not to feel a sense of pride when driving by the new Baylor football stadium. The countdown clock today shows 95 days until McLane Stadium opens for business and it's going to be an exciting summer as the final touches take shape.

Weslaco Teen Shot By Homeowner After Traffic Accident

In the small Texas border town of Weslaco, an 18-year-old teenager was shot last weekend after he crashed his vehicle into the fence at a private residence. The teens name has not been released at this time, but it is known that he was transported to a nearby hospital. No arrests have been made at this time - but tensions have been high, in recent years, as drug trafficking and human smuggling have increased along the Texas / Mexico border. It's fair to say that thousands of U.S. residents who live near the Mexico border are scared to death as lawlessness spreads from one nation to another.

Rain Easing West Texas Drought Conditions

It's been many years since residents of West Texas have seen huge amounts of rain fall where they live, but over the next week to ten days significant rainfall is expected to arrive. It's not just farmers and ranchers who are suffering out west, but major cities like Lubbock are finding themselves facing terrible water shortage problems in the near future - if this drought does not break soon. Late yesterday, I pulled up the weather radar for the entire State of Texas and much to my delight I saw heavy rains falling in locations where little precipitation has been seen in many years. The bad news is there will not be enough rainfall over the next few days to erase a decade of below average precipitation. However, the good news is that anything is better than nothing and I'm sure God is being praised in many parts of West Texas right now.

Seaweed Covering Corpus Christi Beaches On Memorial Day

While I doubt it will detour many Texans who will travel to beaches in Corpus Christi today to celebrate Memorial Day, a larger than normal supply of seaweed will make getting to the water a little more tricky. According to local reports, there is more seaweed near Bob Hall Pier than on the shores of J.P. Luby beach. Just a friendly report for those of you who will be heading to the beach today. Enjoy!

Jose Guardado Killed In Bryan Shooting

24-year-old Jose Guardado was shot and killed this weekend on Groesbeck Street in Bryan, Texas. Police have arrested a suspect in this case, but have not yet released the identity of that person. When police arrived on the scene, they found Guardado critically injured with a gunshot wound to the chest. Funeral arrangements for Jose Guardado are pending.

Blake Long Killed In Lewisville Lake Boating Accident

31-year-old Blake Long from Little Elm, Texas died in a boating accident on Lewisville Lake on Friday night. Police and rescue workers searched for Long's body most of the weekend and eventually found his remains early Sunday morning. According to friends and family, Long love being on the water. Funeral arrangements for Blake Long are pending.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When It Rains It Pours & More Is On The Way To Waco

Wow, so much for being behind on this years rainfall. Last night, Waco and most of Central Texas found itself in flash flood conditions as a cold front dumped multiple inches of rain on the area.

The months of drought followed by buckets of rain is a regular occurrence here. I remember many times over the last 10-years when water rationing was discussed when Lake Waco levels were approaching dangerous levels. However, within a few weeks the heavens opened up and too much rain fell causing flooding conditions at the same lake.

It is expected to be very cool today in Waco and more rain is expected to fall on already soaked soil from last nights downpours. All I can say is, if you don't like the rain – just stick around for awhile and it will get bone dry again as summer approaches.

Political Extremism Might Destroy The Planet Someday

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Sadly, the world might be destroying itself right now while political extremes continue to debate which side is right or wrong on the issue of 'climate change'. Neither side wants to admit one thing they believe in is wrong and that should scare the pants off of anyone who believes most truth resides in the middle ground of important issues.

While I come down on the conservative side that the Earth's temperature always has and always will be changing, I must admit that I don't have all the answers as to whether 'climate change' is caused by man or not. It's a shame that this issue has been so politically divisive when the consequences are so potentially severe.

I have no doubt that hard left politics are pushing the case that 'climate change' is not only real and man made, but also using techniques of persuasion where anyone who disagrees with their gloom and doom predictions are just flat out wrong.

On the other side, extreme conservative pundits paid for by oil and gas interests use similar techniques to demonize 'climate change' proponents as nothing more than radical environmental extremist who want to see the world move from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy, even if that brings the world economy to its knees.

Like so many other crazy things that are happening in the world today, it will be our children's children who will ultimately pay the price if everything goes wrong down the road. I just wish there was a way to discuss the issue of 'climate change' without all the political double talk poisoning the conversation at every turn.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Charles Dinwiddie Killeen Police Officer Killed In The Line-Of-Duty May 2014

Sadly, a police officer from Killeen Texas has died from gunshot wounds he suffered on Friday. Charles Dinwiddie passed away this weekend at Scott & White hospital in Temple. Marvin Louis Guy was arrested and is expected to be charged with the capital murder of a police officer as early as tomorrow.

Click the image above to watch a video replay of local news coverage of this story.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Picture McLane Stadium May 2014

When a group of people put their minds into a project, it is amazing what can get done in a short period of time. Check out the photo above of the new football stadium being built near the Baylor University campus on Interstate 35.

Last week, the stadium marque was put into place as hundreds of students, alumni and school benefactors watched with pride. Only a few short months ago, I did not think McLane Stadium would be completed before the first Baylor Bears home football game of 2014.

However, now that the new stadium appears more complete than a work in progress – I am more confident than ever tens of thousands of fans will be taking their seats in McLane Stadium in about three months time.

So much has changed in Baylor athletics since I moved to Waco, Texas in 1983. Back then, no one took the school seriously when it came to athletic competition. However, today in 2014 Baylor students are feared by other teams both large and small.

The digital image above of Baylor's new McLane Football Stadium was taken from a helicopter during the first few days of May 2014.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Toyota Moving To Dallas

It was a huge win for Texans when it was announced recently that Toyota was moving it's US headquarters from California to Texas. Gov. Rick Perry has been using the final few months of his tenure to visit states around the nation trying to entice both large and small companies to invest dollars and jobs in the state. Times have not been good, from a business standpoint, in California as the state government there struggles with high unemployment, taxes and runaway spending. Gov. Perry has been making his case that businesses will earn more money by moving their operations to Texas, because the state has a large population of well educated professionals who are not predominately inclined to join labor unions. While state government in California encourages employees to join and support unions, the exact opposite is true in Texas. Simply put, Gov. Perry is presenting Texas as a state where not only current profits are better for business, but future growth will be easier as well. What are the pros and cons of Toyota moving it's operations to Texas? All the pros go to the State of Texas. Frankly put, it was a huge coup for such a large and well known company to pull up stakes and leave California. It is also a huge thing on the pros side for Texas when looking toward the future when other large companies are likely to leave heavily taxed states like California for a new home in the Lone Star State. The biggest thing on the cons side is not California losing such a large and profitable company to Texas, but labor unions in general. For decades, union membership has been on the decline – but well contributed politicians in blue states have been slow to make changes that will help their future growth. Another big loser on the cons side of Toyota moving to Texas is President Barack Obama who champions unions at every turn. I believe unions served a noble cause in generations past when millions of Americans were forced to work in horrible conditions for very little pay. Those days are gone, but labor unions are still around today using dues paid in by their members to finance the campaigns of mainly democratic politicians, who refuse to change with the times.