Saturday, April 19, 2014

Young Boy Killed In Houston Freeway Crash On Friday Night

Friday night in Houston, there was a tragic accident where a young boy was killed. Police said the kid was riding in the back seat of a small car when that vehicle was hit from behind by an 18-wheeler truck. Traffic along Highway 290 was brought to a standstill as rescue workers tried to removed people from the damaged car. While it's possible that no amount of protection would have save this young boy from death, I do believe he would have had a better chance of survival, if he was riding in a bigger and heavier car. It's been the norm in recent years for cars to be made smaller. In fact, some of the smart cars of today seem like little more than death traps, if hit by a large SUV or big rig truck. I know everyone is trying to save money on gasoline these days, but is it wise to put our children in danger just to save a few bucks? I feel so bad for this family who lost a child tonight. It was reported that the type of vehicle involved in this fatal accident was a Kia. I personally like the design of Kia cars, but I have often wondered if any type of vehicle that small is really safe while traveling busy freeways in Houston, DFW or San Antonio? It was reported out of Houston tonight that the truck driver was to blame for this accident, because he took his eyes off the road for just a split second to change the channel on his radio.

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