Sunday, April 6, 2014

Texas / Oklahoma Earthquakes Rattle Concerned Citizens

For awhile now, small but regular earthquakes have been rattling the nerves of citizens in Texas and Oklahoma. I've been a Texan all my life, but not until the last year or two have fears of being caught up in a major earthquake even been on my radar screen. It seems like most of the latest earthquakes have been located around the Dallas - Forth Worth area in Texas - while the highest number of cases in Oklahoma have been centered near Oklahoma City. Many have been quick to blame fracking as the cause of most of these new earthquakes, but to date no connection has been found. There are also people who believe earthquakes occurring in Texas and Oklahoma are part of biblical truths that the end of days are near. If frankly don't know if either of these explanations are correct, but I do wish someone with experience in this area of science would find the real cause.

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