Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spacex Rockets Bringing Employment To The State

Only a few hours ago, Spacex had another successful launch of a spacecraft headed for the International Space Station. Father time has not dwindled the amount of enthusiasm I have each time a rocket-ship blasts off into space. Until recently years, all space travel was done by countries like the United States and Russia. However, now in the USA those missions are designed and carried out by private companies like Spacex. Not far from Waco in McGregor, Texas there is a Spacex facility where testing of the next generation of rockets is taking place. The McGregor facility is known for some of it's late night tests where the skies around Waco are lit up like the glow of the sun when those massive rockets are ignited. Spacex has brought some high paying jobs to Central Texas along with their state of the art rockets. Ever since NASA started cutting back on jobs in Houston, some of the best minds in the United States were finding themselves unemployed. However, now that Spacex has built a testing facility in McGregor – at least some of those smart folks have a new place to work their magic.

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