Sunday, April 20, 2014

Serving In Law Enforcement Is Dangerous

A police officer in Fredericksburg, Texas was shot and seriously injured yesterday after a traffic stop. 31-year-old Robert Adrian Rendon has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. When you look at the list of most dangerous jobs in Texas, being a police officer is right up there at the top. I sometimes wonder why smart folks who could make more money and take fewer risk in life decide to join law enforcement instead? I think some police officers choose a life of public service simply because they had a good experience with someone in law enforcement when they were a kid. I think most people respect police officers, but unfortunately there are a few folks like this guy in Fredericksburg on Saturday - who make working as a law enforcement officer a very dangerous profession. Another reason why some people choose law enforcement as a career is simply because they are a giving person at their core. Frankly, few professions allow a single person to make as much of a different in the lives of others than serving as a street police officer. I hope that Fredericksburg policeman makes a full recovery and is able to return to the job as soon as possible. If you are like the vast majority of Texans who respect not only the law, but the men and women who enforce it. Why not pick up the tab for a police officer the next time you see one eating at a restaurant. That is a simple and inexpensive thing to do that will certainly make that persons day after dealing with some of the worst people we never want to come into contact with.

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