Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Teachers Carrying Guns

After an explosion of murderous violence by students in classrooms, many people believe the time has come to allow some teachers to carry concealed handguns in school. To many people - the very idea of teachers taking guns to work, brings back bad memories of the wild west and a violent chapter, that should not be repeated, in our nations history. However - to many other Texans, the knowledge that teachers in school are armed provides a sense of comfort that their children are safe. What are the pros and cons of allowing Texas teachers to carry guns into their classrooms? On the pros side, it is likely many children would be saved from a suicidal and well armed person who shows up at school prepared to kill as many people as possible, before taking his own life. It is sad when victims talk to reporters after someone goes into their school and kills many of the fellow classmates and then reports how helpless they felt watching their friends and teachers get systematically murdered by a well armed suicidal perpetrator. I can only image how helpless I would feel, if placed in that same situation. What are the cons of Texas teachers taking guns to school? The biggest problem would be the off chance a mentally unstable teacher was able to pass the various background checks and use their gun against the very students they were armed to protect in the first place. I have been concerned in recent years by the increasing numbers of teachers who have become involved with children they teach. Surely, something is not right in the minds of those teachers who clearly disobey the rules and get involved in a physical relationship with one of their students. Isn't it possible that one of those teachers, if armed, might use that gun against a student in some type of jealous rage? There are many pros and cons of allowing Texas teachers to carry firearms into school. We should all think, long and hard, before this is allowed on a statewide basis.

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