Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of State Death Penalty Law

In Oklahoma last night there was a botched execution of a man using a new cocktail of drugs to cause his death. Unfortunately, the man did not go to sleep before the powerful drugs used to stop his heart kicked in. Many states, including Texas, are using new drugs to kill inmates - who have been condemned by a jury of their peers to die after a first degree murder conviction. This switching of drug protocol became necessary after manufactures in Europe decided to stop selling their products to prisons in the United States. The US Supreme Court ruled many years ago that a death penalty exercised by states around the USA must not be conducted, if it results in a death that is cruel and unusual. What are the pros and cons of using these new drugs to cause the death of convicted murders in Texas? On the pros side, the citizens of Texas decided long ago that there are some people who offer no future benefit to society, because they are bad at their core being. Many of these folks are sociopaths who freely admit they will murder again, if let out of prison. If that is true, then it makes perfect sense that Lone Star State citizens would not wish to deal with these people at some future date, if it is not possible to rehabilitate them into law abiding citizens. For people who believe that the death penalty is a right choice for folks who will never walk a path that is straight and narrow, then most politicians will continue to support the death penalty in Texas. On the cons side, the US justice system is not fair to say the least. It has been proven time and time again that lower income minorities are disproportionately sentenced to death in comparison to white men and women. Sadly, far too many Texans are of the mindset that an eye for an eye is necessary to ensure justice in a court-of-law. With so many mistakes being made, leading to wrongful convictions, doesn't it make sense to be cautious when handing out a death sentence to someone who might be innocent? It is also a huge thing on the cons side to me when these new drug cocktails are not working the way they are suppose to, which leads to the horrible death of the inmate. While Texas has reported no problems with it's new death chamber drug cocktail, I wonder if state leaders would be willing to admit to mistakes of this kind - even if they took place? There are far too many cons when it comes to sentencing a convicted criminal to death. Putting murderers in prison for the rest of their life is not only the right and moral thing to do, but it also removes the risk that someday, someone, will be executed for a crime they did not commit and be torchered by their own state government in the final few minutes of their life.

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