Monday, April 21, 2014

Lakes In The Panhandle & West Texas Drying Up At Alarming Rate

Much has been written lately about drought conditions in California, but right here in Texas a shortage of water is also critical. Throughout West Texas and the Panhandle, lakes are drying up at a few each year. These lakes are not just puddle jumpers, but some are water sources for cities and rural customers alike. Years ago, Lake Meredith, near Amarillo, started to lose volumes of water each year until it no long could provide drinking water to one of the states largest cities. To the south of Amarillo near Lubbock, Lake Alan Henry is facing the same dire consequence as Lake Meredith in the near future. While the central and eastern parts of Texas are in pretty good shape right now when it comes to available stored water in lakes, the same is not true out west and each year this drought continues more lakes will dry up. I remember when I was kid visiting my grandparents who had a small home on Lake Buchanan. Back then, the 1970's, that lake was full of water and people on boats enjoyed the recreation of a large body of water that lake provides. In recent times, Lake Buchanan has been full only on a handful of occasions mainly due to the requirement that water be released to keep lakes downstream at a constant level. It may be true that California is in worse shape than Texas right now when it comes to water shortages, but we are not that far behind. If this drought is not broken soon, other large cities will be forced to drill even more wells into a dwindling underground water table. It is possible that hundreds of thousands of Texas residents will be forced to relocate into the eastern part of the state, if our current drought continues to get worse.

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