Friday, April 18, 2014

Are Students Pawns In Conservative & Liberal Social Experiments?

For years I have watched as liberals and conservatives have used school children as pawns in a game to mold the thinking of the next generation of Texans. Put simply - this is nothing more than trying to brainwash future citizens into following propaganda, instead of allowing them to make their own choices based on education and experience. Before both political extremes started using the classrooms of Texas to push political ideology, our children for years were subjected to a few extremist - who made it their mission in life to rewrite history in order to make their brand of propaganda more acceptable to future generations. I wish I could report that there was a solution to this problem, but there is not. Like the old saying goes, some people look at ideology in the much the same way as religion and those folks believe it is their calling in life to push that agenda on everyone else. We just need to have faith that future generations will be able to examine what is being sold to them and make the right choices.

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