Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of State Death Penalty Law

In Oklahoma last night there was a botched execution of a man using a new cocktail of drugs to cause his death. Unfortunately, the man did not go to sleep before the powerful drugs used to stop his heart kicked in. Many states, including Texas, are using new drugs to kill inmates - who have been condemned by a jury of their peers to die after a first degree murder conviction. This switching of drug protocol became necessary after manufactures in Europe decided to stop selling their products to prisons in the United States. The US Supreme Court ruled many years ago that a death penalty exercised by states around the USA must not be conducted, if it results in a death that is cruel and unusual. What are the pros and cons of using these new drugs to cause the death of convicted murders in Texas? On the pros side, the citizens of Texas decided long ago that there are some people who offer no future benefit to society, because they are bad at their core being. Many of these folks are sociopaths who freely admit they will murder again, if let out of prison. If that is true, then it makes perfect sense that Lone Star State citizens would not wish to deal with these people at some future date, if it is not possible to rehabilitate them into law abiding citizens. For people who believe that the death penalty is a right choice for folks who will never walk a path that is straight and narrow, then most politicians will continue to support the death penalty in Texas. On the cons side, the US justice system is not fair to say the least. It has been proven time and time again that lower income minorities are disproportionately sentenced to death in comparison to white men and women. Sadly, far too many Texans are of the mindset that an eye for an eye is necessary to ensure justice in a court-of-law. With so many mistakes being made, leading to wrongful convictions, doesn't it make sense to be cautious when handing out a death sentence to someone who might be innocent? It is also a huge thing on the cons side to me when these new drug cocktails are not working the way they are suppose to, which leads to the horrible death of the inmate. While Texas has reported no problems with it's new death chamber drug cocktail, I wonder if state leaders would be willing to admit to mistakes of this kind - even if they took place? There are far too many cons when it comes to sentencing a convicted criminal to death. Putting murderers in prison for the rest of their life is not only the right and moral thing to do, but it also removes the risk that someday, someone, will be executed for a crime they did not commit and be torchered by their own state government in the final few minutes of their life.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Teachers Carrying Guns

After an explosion of murderous violence by students in classrooms, many people believe the time has come to allow some teachers to carry concealed handguns in school. To many people - the very idea of teachers taking guns to work, brings back bad memories of the wild west and a violent chapter, that should not be repeated, in our nations history. However - to many other Texans, the knowledge that teachers in school are armed provides a sense of comfort that their children are safe. What are the pros and cons of allowing Texas teachers to carry guns into their classrooms? On the pros side, it is likely many children would be saved from a suicidal and well armed person who shows up at school prepared to kill as many people as possible, before taking his own life. It is sad when victims talk to reporters after someone goes into their school and kills many of the fellow classmates and then reports how helpless they felt watching their friends and teachers get systematically murdered by a well armed suicidal perpetrator. I can only image how helpless I would feel, if placed in that same situation. What are the cons of Texas teachers taking guns to school? The biggest problem would be the off chance a mentally unstable teacher was able to pass the various background checks and use their gun against the very students they were armed to protect in the first place. I have been concerned in recent years by the increasing numbers of teachers who have become involved with children they teach. Surely, something is not right in the minds of those teachers who clearly disobey the rules and get involved in a physical relationship with one of their students. Isn't it possible that one of those teachers, if armed, might use that gun against a student in some type of jealous rage? There are many pros and cons of allowing Texas teachers to carry firearms into school. We should all think, long and hard, before this is allowed on a statewide basis.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lakes In The Panhandle & West Texas Drying Up At Alarming Rate

Much has been written lately about drought conditions in California, but right here in Texas a shortage of water is also critical. Throughout West Texas and the Panhandle, lakes are drying up at a few each year. These lakes are not just puddle jumpers, but some are water sources for cities and rural customers alike. Years ago, Lake Meredith, near Amarillo, started to lose volumes of water each year until it no long could provide drinking water to one of the states largest cities. To the south of Amarillo near Lubbock, Lake Alan Henry is facing the same dire consequence as Lake Meredith in the near future. While the central and eastern parts of Texas are in pretty good shape right now when it comes to available stored water in lakes, the same is not true out west and each year this drought continues more lakes will dry up. I remember when I was kid visiting my grandparents who had a small home on Lake Buchanan. Back then, the 1970's, that lake was full of water and people on boats enjoyed the recreation of a large body of water that lake provides. In recent times, Lake Buchanan has been full only on a handful of occasions mainly due to the requirement that water be released to keep lakes downstream at a constant level. It may be true that California is in worse shape than Texas right now when it comes to water shortages, but we are not that far behind. If this drought is not broken soon, other large cities will be forced to drill even more wells into a dwindling underground water table. It is possible that hundreds of thousands of Texas residents will be forced to relocate into the eastern part of the state, if our current drought continues to get worse.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Population Growth Is Increasing The Crime Rate Near Fort Hood In Killeen

For the most part - the economy in Killeen, Texas is above average - simply because the Fort Hood military base, nearby, continues to grow. For several years now, the US Army has been closing bases around the country and the main beneficiary of that move has been Fort Hood. While economic growth in Killeen is primarily a good thing, there is a dark side to all those extra people and the money that goes with them flooding into the city. Crime is on the rise in Killeen as has been witnessed by the almost daily news reports on television of their SWAT team being called to protect the public. For the longest time, Waco was the largest city in Central Texas between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. However, the latest census reported that Killeen now holds that honor. A little known fact is this, when cities go through a fast period of growth - it is impossible for local leaders to keep up with the pitfalls that come along with it. The biggest problem revolves around police and fire services, which can not increase as fast as the population. I remember back in the 1970's when an oil boom caused Houston to increase it's population by a staggering 5000 new citizens per week. During that time, Houston experienced the same problems Killeen is facing right now. The good news is that fast population growth does not last forever and eventually city services do catch up with the increasing growth. However, now that Killeen has a population of over 100,000 people. That nasty little problem of more crime is something that will never completely go away. There is always bad that goes along with good and that's just the way it is.

Serving In Law Enforcement Is Dangerous

A police officer in Fredericksburg, Texas was shot and seriously injured yesterday after a traffic stop. 31-year-old Robert Adrian Rendon has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. When you look at the list of most dangerous jobs in Texas, being a police officer is right up there at the top. I sometimes wonder why smart folks who could make more money and take fewer risk in life decide to join law enforcement instead? I think some police officers choose a life of public service simply because they had a good experience with someone in law enforcement when they were a kid. I think most people respect police officers, but unfortunately there are a few folks like this guy in Fredericksburg on Saturday - who make working as a law enforcement officer a very dangerous profession. Another reason why some people choose law enforcement as a career is simply because they are a giving person at their core. Frankly, few professions allow a single person to make as much of a different in the lives of others than serving as a street police officer. I hope that Fredericksburg policeman makes a full recovery and is able to return to the job as soon as possible. If you are like the vast majority of Texans who respect not only the law, but the men and women who enforce it. Why not pick up the tab for a police officer the next time you see one eating at a restaurant. That is a simple and inexpensive thing to do that will certainly make that persons day after dealing with some of the worst people we never want to come into contact with.

No Consequences Leads To More Bad Behavior – It's Simple Human Nature

Over history, it has been proven time and time again that when bad behavior is not met with real consequence, society begins to disintegrate. That is what is happening right now in Texas on many levels, but today I want to focus on how it has affected our schools. Hardly a day goes by when a teacher in Texas is not accused or arrested for an inappropriate relationship with one of their students. Back when I was young, in the 1960's and 1970's, there were teacher student sexual interactions – but at that time they were almost exclusively between male teachers and female students. These days, that mix has changed – but the problem is just as bad or maybe even worse. The state has laws protecting minors for one simple reason. Kids have not matured enough to be able to make their own decisions on matters of sexuality. While I do not understand why there seems to be an increase in the number of sexual encounters between teachers and students, I do believe that the old habit of covering up these problems, in the past, has lead to an explosion of them in recent times. Sadly, school systems in Texas made the choice to look the other way when these issues first started occurring a long time ago. That attitude created a situation where there were no consequence for bad behavior and in return that inaction lead to even more problems. In the world today, if something is not personally hurting you – we are taught to just look the other way and accept the behavior of others you do not agree with. Even in an anything goes society, there should be tough consequences when a teacher becomes sexually involved with a student. If not for any other reason, it might discourage that conduct from happening in the future.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Arlington Teen Killed After Falling From SUV

I always hate it when young people die after doing something that is risky or just down right stupid. Early Saturday morning, 17-year-old Lelys Leyva-Monreal was riding with friends in an SUV when she fell out of a window and was hit by another vehicle. Please don't think I am judging Lelys', because it is only through the grace of God that I survived my own reckless teenage years. Sadly, as adults too many of us quickly forget some of the bad choices we made while growing up. Fortunately, most of us had the chance to mature before our own lives were lost to crazy behavior. According to police, this tragic accident occurred at 2:45 AM and most likely alcohol or drug use played a role in what happened. Now Lelys Leyva-Monreal's family is left to pickup the pieces and try to make sense out of something that should never have happened. While teenagers believe life is tough, it is nowhere close to the stress, worry and concern suffered by parents when their most prized possession is out of sight. Early this morning, thousands of DFW parents awoke to find that their child made it home safe after a Friday night out on the town. Sadly, Lelys Leyva-Monreal's were not so fortunate.

Will GOP Finally Pass Immigration Reform Before November 2014 Elections?

Once again there is talk in Washington that US House of Representatives leaders have committed to passing an immigration reform bill before congressional elections this fall. Sadly - we have heard all of this before from these same leaders, but nothing ever gets done. There is a huge split in the Republicans Party when it comes to immigration reform. On one side, there are business leaders who want to see some kind of road to citizenship for people who entered the country illegally. The other side is made up of 'Tea Party' voters who are dead set against rewarding people who have broken the law. The battle-lines have been clearly drawn on this issue and neither side is expect to blink and give in to the other. Here in Texas, most voters in the Republican Party lean toward the side of the 'Tea Party' when it comes to immigration. While I'm sure there are business interests in Texas who are pushing for immigration reform too, they are usually very silent and keep those opinions to themselves. I think national Republican leaders in Washington D.C. will fail again, if they try to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2014. In a nutshell, the 'Tea Party' has taken over the Republican Party not only in Texas – but nationwide as well. In the past, big money business interests may have control the debate on issues like immigration in the GOP, but it's now Tea Party voters who are calling the shots.

Spacex Rockets Bringing Employment To The State

Only a few hours ago, Spacex had another successful launch of a spacecraft headed for the International Space Station. Father time has not dwindled the amount of enthusiasm I have each time a rocket-ship blasts off into space. Until recently years, all space travel was done by countries like the United States and Russia. However, now in the USA those missions are designed and carried out by private companies like Spacex. Not far from Waco in McGregor, Texas there is a Spacex facility where testing of the next generation of rockets is taking place. The McGregor facility is known for some of it's late night tests where the skies around Waco are lit up like the glow of the sun when those massive rockets are ignited. Spacex has brought some high paying jobs to Central Texas along with their state of the art rockets. Ever since NASA started cutting back on jobs in Houston, some of the best minds in the United States were finding themselves unemployed. However, now that Spacex has built a testing facility in McGregor – at least some of those smart folks have a new place to work their magic.

Young Boy Killed In Houston Freeway Crash On Friday Night

Friday night in Houston, there was a tragic accident where a young boy was killed. Police said the kid was riding in the back seat of a small car when that vehicle was hit from behind by an 18-wheeler truck. Traffic along Highway 290 was brought to a standstill as rescue workers tried to removed people from the damaged car. While it's possible that no amount of protection would have save this young boy from death, I do believe he would have had a better chance of survival, if he was riding in a bigger and heavier car. It's been the norm in recent years for cars to be made smaller. In fact, some of the smart cars of today seem like little more than death traps, if hit by a large SUV or big rig truck. I know everyone is trying to save money on gasoline these days, but is it wise to put our children in danger just to save a few bucks? I feel so bad for this family who lost a child tonight. It was reported that the type of vehicle involved in this fatal accident was a Kia. I personally like the design of Kia cars, but I have often wondered if any type of vehicle that small is really safe while traveling busy freeways in Houston, DFW or San Antonio? It was reported out of Houston tonight that the truck driver was to blame for this accident, because he took his eyes off the road for just a split second to change the channel on his radio.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Are Students Pawns In Conservative & Liberal Social Experiments?

For years I have watched as liberals and conservatives have used school children as pawns in a game to mold the thinking of the next generation of Texans. Put simply - this is nothing more than trying to brainwash future citizens into following propaganda, instead of allowing them to make their own choices based on education and experience. Before both political extremes started using the classrooms of Texas to push political ideology, our children for years were subjected to a few extremist - who made it their mission in life to rewrite history in order to make their brand of propaganda more acceptable to future generations. I wish I could report that there was a solution to this problem, but there is not. Like the old saying goes, some people look at ideology in the much the same way as religion and those folks believe it is their calling in life to push that agenda on everyone else. We just need to have faith that future generations will be able to examine what is being sold to them and make the right choices.

Locals Make West A Great Place To Visit, Live & Work

Yesterday, marked the first anniversary of the West fertilizer explosion that took the lives of 15-people and changed the lives of thousands of others, forever. People who call West home and others like myself who live nearby will never forget where we were and what we were doing when the news broke of that terrible explosion. I was at work when my cell phone started beeping about the breaking news and as the hours went by and the TV video of the extent of the damage began to be broadcast to my living room, I felt a huge sense of depression and sadness. Like many other folks, I have stopped in West to get something to eat while traveling to and from Dallas for decades. Over the years I have done this, I have never personally met an unfriendly person who greeted me during my stops. I also work with two women who call West, Texas home. I felt so bad for them yesterday, as those horrible memories started pouring back into their minds of what happened on April 17th, 2013.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jeff Tobola's West Texas Fertilizer Explosion Video - April 17, 2013

Today marks the one year anniversary when a terrible explosion at a fertilizer company in West, Texas took the lives of 15-people. In the video above, Jeff Tobola caught a different angle of that explosion and in my opinion this view of what happened explains why there was so much death and destruction. In the past twelve months, the citizens of West have begun to put their live back together, again. Jeff Tobola's West, Texas video explosion footage is provided by CNN.

Coronado Village Elementary Student Jada Craft Killed By Bus – Universal City

6-year-old Jada Craft died this week from injuries she suffer after being run over by a school bus. Craft was a kindergarten student at Coronado Village Elementary School in Universal City, Texas. To add insult to injury, after the young girl was run over, a relative tried to get passersbys to stop and help – but no one did. Eventually, that person took Craft to an apartment and provided what aid was possible until EMS arrived. No charges are anticipated against the school bus driver who was unaware of what happened until later. This appears to simply be an accident, but one that is going to be hard for Craft's family to understand. The school has brought in counselors to talk to Craft's classmates who are certainly devastated.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lessons From West One Year Later

The two biggest things to come out of the West explosion one year ago are these: Number one - the citizens who call West, Texas home are resilient and in the process of putting their town and lives back together. Number two - both Texas and national authorities are asleep at the wheel when it comes to improving the safety of these fertilizer facilities so a tragedy like this does not happen again. If anyone ever doubted the amount of influence special interest has on state and federal government politicians, they only need to look to Austin, Texas and Washington D.C. after this event to see it. Even the people in public office who are dragging their feet to make changes to protect the lives of the folks they serve know that something needs to be done to improve safety. However, nothing has happened to prevent another tragedy like the West fertilizer explosion – so it will happen again. When I think about the people of West, two of which I know very well, and compare their actions to those of Gov. Perry and some in Washington D.C. - it's clear to me what money has done to our political system. It is true that political change is very slow, so maybe there will be improvements to the safety of these types of businesses in the future. Hopefully - that change will come in time to prevent another disaster like West, before it happens again.

Amber Alert For Elizabeth Rex Issued In Montgomery County

Here we go again, a young girl has been allegedly taken by some guy decades older than her and to make matters worse the teenager has autism, a form of down syndrome and bi-polar disorder. Elizabeth Rex is 14-years-old and the following information has been provided by 'Amber Alert'. Rex has brown hair and eyes, she is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 113 pounds. When last seen she was wearing black pants, gray tank top, red jacket, and gray tennis shoes. The man who police are looking for in connection to her abduction is 51-year-old Randy Johnson who is 5 foot 6 inches tall with brown hair and hazel eyes weighing 135 pounds. Police believe Elizabeth Rex is in danger and they are asking all Texans to be on the lookout for either or both of them. I know there are some really twisted people in this world, but it appears that Johnson might be in a class of his own – if this abduction turns out to be correct. It has also been reported that the Rex family allowed Johnson to live with them for eight months, but he was recently kicked out for an unknown reason. Please help police return this teenager to her family. If you have seen Elizabeth Rex or Randy Johnson, please call 936-538-3456 or 936-672-1992.

Lake Alan Henry Drying Up – Lubbock, TX

It's sad to think about how many natural resources have gone away during our most recent drought in Texas. Next on the list of lakes that might completely go away is Lake Alan Henry, a source of water for the City of Lubbock. Folks in the panhandle know all too well that once large and massive lakes can and do dry up during massive droughts. Just look at what happened to Lake Meredith near Amarillo. This latest Texas drought will break eventually, but it might not be soon enough to save all of the lakes that are in danger in the western part of the state.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Operation Finally Home Honors Cody Nusbaum – New Braunfels, TX

A US Army veteran, Cody Nusbaum, who was shot 11-times in combat was awarded a brand new home recently by Operation Finally Home. Nusbaum has already undergone 75 surgeries and might need even more as he works his way back to a normal life. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas. This new home was built exclusively for Nusbaum with services he needs to make his home life as easy as possible. He told reporters recently that this new house has two things he has never had before. First a garage and second a bedroom of his own. It is so heartwarming to see our wounded veterans being treated with this kind of respect.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Body Found On SeaWorld Property – San Antonio, TX

While out doing some maintenance in a wooded area at SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas Friday – workers stumbled upon the remains of a dead body. There was little left, but bones – so police believe the body had been there for one year or more.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sonja Hutcherson-Moore From College Station Honored – Memphis TX

My sister, Sonja Hutcherson-Moore, was honored yesterday in Memphis, Texas for an amazing accomplishment 30-years ago. Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's she was somehow able to pull off a victory in four different Texas Class 1-A state championships in the sport of tennis. There was a special celebration for her at Cyclone Stadium Thursday afternoon where a new sign was placed so the thousands of travelers driving up and down Highway 287 each day - will be made aware of what she accomplished.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sonja Hutcherson Moore To Be Honored On Thursday In Memphis

On Thursday, April 10 2014, there will be a special ceremony held in Memphis, Texas to honor a great athlete who did something specular over 30-years-ago. Sonja Hutcherson-Moore, won the Texas State Class 1-A tennis championship four years in a row during the late 1970's. She will be honored by fellow classmates, friends and family at Cyclone Stadium beginning at 1:00 PM. The public is invited to attend. There will be a reception held at the Memphis Country Club later that evening. You may have noticed that her last name is the same as mine. That's because this talented woman is my sister and I am so proud that she is being recognized for this amazing accomplishment.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Texas / Oklahoma Earthquakes Rattle Concerned Citizens

For awhile now, small but regular earthquakes have been rattling the nerves of citizens in Texas and Oklahoma. I've been a Texan all my life, but not until the last year or two have fears of being caught up in a major earthquake even been on my radar screen. It seems like most of the latest earthquakes have been located around the Dallas - Forth Worth area in Texas - while the highest number of cases in Oklahoma have been centered near Oklahoma City. Many have been quick to blame fracking as the cause of most of these new earthquakes, but to date no connection has been found. There are also people who believe earthquakes occurring in Texas and Oklahoma are part of biblical truths that the end of days are near. If frankly don't know if either of these explanations are correct, but I do wish someone with experience in this area of science would find the real cause.

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Military Handling Of Mental Health Issues Is Sadly Lacking

It was made pretty clear the other day during a news conference with Army brass on Fort Hood that the last thing they wanted to blame Ivan Lopez's shooting spree on was mental illness. Like the rest of the world, if given the chance, the US military does not want to talk about mental illness - simply because there are no simple answers to the problem. It is much easier to just say that Lopez was angry at other soldiers and leave it at that. Even as major strides have been made in the medical world to help many people who suffer from mental health issues, the folks at the top of the government and business leaders are still very uncomfortable talking about this issue publicly. Sadly, this uneasiness will lead to more deaths at the hand of people who might have been stopped from their killing madness with a simple solution of one prescription pill per day.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Left/Right Debate On Gun Control, Clouds Ivan Lopez's Crime - Fort Hood TX

The bodies of the dead were still warm when the political talking heads in Washington started blaming a lack of gun control as the reason so many people died at Fort Hood this week. Right there with them were pundits on the other side claiming that if everyone in America was armed with a firearm, we would all be safer. It's sad when a real tragedy is broken down into a simple debate on whether more or less gun control is needed in the United States. It's pretty clear that Ivan Lopez was mentally ill and yes it is wrong that he was allowed to legally buy the gun he used to kill so many people. However, when either or both sides in the gun control debate try to push talking points by using a senseless act of violence like this one to persuade hearts and minds. I just stop listening.

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Depression Is Normal, What Ivan Lopez Did Was Not - Fort Hood TX

As I watched news coverage yesterday about the mass shootings on Fort Hood, I was very discouraged to hear some folks putting down people who suffer from depression. I believe most people suffer from some type of depression during their life and the worst thing that could come out of this terrible tragedy is that people who need help will stop coming forward for treatment. There is already a terrible stigma attached to depression and other forms of mental illness and that fact keeps thousands of people from getting the help they need.

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Poor Base Conditions Causing Soldiers To Snap, Ivan Lopez Shootings On Fort Hood?

Yesterday, I turned on CNN and heard part of an interview they conducted with a soldier who is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. This woman, who was not shown on TV, told the reporter that conditions on Fort Hood army base are worse than what many people would find in a prison. Frankly, I was shocked to hear such words from an active duty member of the military - but if true this would not be the first time our brave men and women have been pushed to the back burner by military brass. Anyone remember how bad the condition were at one army hospital back during the Iraqi war? I certainly hope this one person was just someone with a bad attitude. It would be sad, if Fort Hood base conditions were as terrible as this one service member reported.

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After Ivan Lopez Shootings, Should All Soldiers Carry Guns On Base - Fort Hood, TX?

There are a growing number of voices who are asking the military to change their rules and allow all soldiers to carry guns on base. In the minds of many, Ivan Lopez and other military base shooters would not be allowed to kill as many people - if everyone else was armed. In my opinion, it makes sense to have all soldiers armed while on base. The country trusts these men and women enough to provide them with firearms while serving abroad, so why not extend that privilege to military bases right here in the United States?

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Should We Fear Quiet People, Ivan Lopez - Fort Hood TX?

It has long been known that many people who commit mass murder are quiet and have introverted personalities. As people who knew Fort Hood shooter, Ivan Lopez, pointed out on Thursday - he too was a very quiet man who liked to keep to himself. Most people seem to fear people the most who have a loud voice and scream and shout all the time. However, it's that strong silent type who are most likely to pick up a gun and start killing total strangers at random. I'm not saying this is always the case, but there seem to be more quiet folks like Lopez killing others than those loud mouthed jerks we all love to hate.

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Why Are Mentally Ill People Allowed To Buy Guns, Ivan Lopez - Fort Hood TX?

It is now well known that Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez bought the gun he used to kill and injures all those people legally from a Killeen, Texas gun store. Some folks are starting to wonder why it is that a person with known mental health issues is allow to legally buy a gun? Like so many issues, the right to a safe world and the second amendment of the constitution are in conflict. I would think that even the most hardened gun owner might support restricting the purchase to legal firearms to people who are proven to be mentally ill.

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Timothy Owens, Killed By Ivan Lopez In Fort Hood Shootings

One of the victims who died after Ivan Lopez went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood this week was identified as Sergeant Timothy Owens from Illinois. Owens was recently married and his bride, Billy, was on the base in their military housing when word of the shootings broke in the news media. When Billy Owens' learned that her husband was one of Lopez's victims, she was rushed to the hospital and counseled by chaplains on the base.

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Ivan Lopez's Mother Died Last Year - Fort Hood, Texas

People are starting to learn more information today about the latest mass shooter, who took out his rage on innocent people at Fort Hood army base yesterday. One aspect of Lopez's life investigators are looking into is his mental condition after his mother, Carmen, passed away. Ivan Lopez was from Guayanilla, Puerto Rico and that where his mother lived up until her death. After murdering several people and injuring many more, Lopez took his own life which ended his rampage.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Karla Lopez, Wife Of Ivan, Hysterical After Shooting, Fort Hood

Like millions of other people around the world, the wife of Ivan Lopez, learned that her husband had killed many people and injured many more at Fort Hood, Texas by watching the news on TV. One newspaper reported that upon learning the news that her husband had killed all those people and then himself, she became hysterical. Karla and Ivan Lopez were transferred to Fort Hood back in February, so he could receive mental health treatment from the US Army.

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Fort Hood Shooter, Ivan Lopez, Killed After Rampage, Killeen TX

Well, it has happened again. Another man, upset about something, has taken his frustrations out on others. Today, folks everywhere are asking the same question - why did Ivan Lopez start shooting people at the Fort Hood army base in Killeen, Texas and then end his rampage by committing suicide? Little is known about Lopez right now, except that he was a veteran who was suffering from PTSD and was being treated for depression.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Odyssey Sims, Makenzie Robertson, Mariah Chandler Play Last Game At Baylor

It was a tough loss last night for the Baylor Lady Bears basketball team, but those fine young woman have nothing to be ashamed of. They played their hearts out all year long and finally lost to probably the best team in the nation today. The game Monday night against Notre Dame was the last for Odyssey Sims, Makenzie Robertson, and Mariah Chandler. I know they are devastated tonight, but in the days and weeks to come they should know that they played the best they could and that is all Baylor fans and their coach, Kim Mulkey, expected of them. It's hard for me to be too disappointed tonight, knowing that Nina Davis will be around for the next three years playing basketball at Baylor. Well done, ladies.

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