Friday, February 14, 2014

Possible For Wendy Davis To Win?

Almost no one gives any chance whatsoever to front runner for the democratic nomination for Texas Governor Wendy Davis to actually win election in November. That is why I believe she might just have a chance, though small, at actually pulling it off. The one thing that is working against her is the liberal media establishment who is providing her with millions of dollars worth of free publicity - simply because they want to embarrass the GOP in Texas and nationwide. If Wendy Davis is smart, and I think she is, soon she should distance herself from liberals at the New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN and MSNBC and focus on winning over Texas women with an approach that will work in Texas. The sad truth is it takes a bunch of money to win statewide office in Texas and right now the only place Wendy Davis can find that money is from liberals in blue states. However, if she wins the democratic nomination - she should pivot immediately away from those folks and begin a grass roots campaign focused on the issues that impact Texas women like education and crime. If she does that, she might actually have a chance to win in November. Click Wendy's picture above to read more about her campaign.

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