Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nick & Vanessa Pitofsky Murder-Suicide In Dallas

Crandall, Texas police sergeant Nick Pitofsky and his wife Vanessa were found dead in their Dallas apartment today. Police believe these deaths are the result of a murder-suicide. Co-workers described Nick as a hands on police officer and he was also the star of at least one YouTube video where he is shown shooting a shotgun and telling the person filming him that he was going to buy that gun for his wife to use as protection in their home. At this time it is not known what lead up to this alleged murder-suicide, but people who knew Pitofsky well, in Crandall, are in a state of shock after learning the news. Click the image above to read more details about this story, including a statement released by the Crandall Police Department.

Waco Newsbeat Archive