Monday, February 24, 2014

Cancer Takes Another Victim, David Hutcherson From Dumas

There was a funeral service last weekend in Dumas, Texas for my cousin David Hutcherson. He died from cancer at the young age of 62. David was a good man and he did not deserve to die in such a horrible way and at such an early age. The good book teaches me not to hate, so I will just say that I extremely dislike cancer and all the negative things it does to families around the world everyday. Like David, many members of my family have lost their lives to cancer during the prime of life. David's father, Wayne, passed away before his 40th birthday. My own dad died from pancreatic cancer when he was 66-years-old. We will all miss David very much, but I am comforted in the knowledge he is in heaven now. During his short time on Earth, David touched thousands of people with his kindness. I will miss him and pray everyday that a cure for all types of cancer is found, soon. Click David's image above, to find out more about his life.