Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3 Killed In San Angelo Ambulance Crash

There was a horrible accident near San Angelo yesterday that claimed the lives of 3-people. The wreck involved an ambulance that lost control on a slick roadway. After the crash, the ambulance burst into flames and a short time later the person being transported was dead, along with his brother. Also killed was an EMS worker, while the ambulance driver was seriously injured. The names of the dead are: 45-year-old Jose Cruz Gurrola (the person being transported in the ambulance), 43-year-old Anacleto Gonzalez Gurrola (the brother of Jose Cruz) and 52-year-old paramedic Raymond Bernard Allison. The driver of the ambulance, 45-year-old Joann Adamiak Moore was transported to Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo with unknown injuries. Click the Texas News image above for more information.

Waco Newsbeat Archive