Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Will Troy Aikman Become Dallas Cowboys GM?

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Texas News Blog: Rumors have been circulating in recent days that Hall of Fame and former All Pro Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman might accept a job as the General Manager for the team, if Jerry Jones offers it to him. For the Dallas Cowboys, right now is the off-season and speculation is the norm since the team started losing after Jimmy Johnson was fired over a decade ago. All Cowboys fans want to see a change made at the highest level of the team, but I have my doubts number one that Troy Aikman would accept the position of GM. And more importantly - I'm really skeptical, that Jerry Jones would hire someone, like Aikman, to second guess his every move. That said, I think hiring Troy Aikman as the Dallas Cowboys new General Manger would be the second best thing the team could do to move back to their old winning ways. So what's the most important thing that should be done? For Jerry Jones' to fire himself.

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