Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wendy Davis v. Greg Abbott For Texas Governor

Texas News Blog: Later this year, the state of Texas will elect a new Governor. That person will more than likely be Greg Abbott, since he is the Republican candidate in the race and Democrats almost never win in Texas statewide races. The truth is, that Wendy Davis is a different type of democratic candidate and that scares some Republican leaders in the state. If Abbott gets careless and makes the same mistakes Republican candidates nationwide have made in recently elections, by insulting women, it is entirely possible that Davis could win. Abbott also has some ethics questions he must deal with surrounding his position on the board of directors of a private company, but I doubt that one issue will sink his chances of being elected governor. Wendy Davis proved last year that she is a force to be reckoned with when she brought GOP legislative business to a halt when she filibustered a later approved new abortion law in the Texas legislature. The biggest problem facing Wendy Davis is her pro-abortion stand, which does not play well in the state. Most Texans are against abortion and usually punish pro-choice candidates at the ballot box. More than likely, Greg Abbott will, at every turn, remind Texans of Wendy Davis' pro-abortion stand, while she will try to change the subject to something voters won't like about Abbott. The only real chance Davis has at victory is, if Abbott makes a mistake and insults her as a woman or puts down women in general. The Texas governors race is Abbott's to lose, so we'll just have to see how good he is at not insulting women during the campaign.

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