Friday, January 17, 2014

Was Dennis McGuire Tortured During Execution?

Texas News Blog: An execution took place on Wednesday night in Ohio where a new drug cocktail was used for the first time to cause the death of a condemned man. According to witnesses, it took Dennis McGuire 20-minutes to died after he was injected with this new medication. Whether or not you believe in the death penalty has nothing to do with the fact it's wrong to torture prisoners or anyone else for that matter. Here in Texas, we are well known worldwide as the state that executes more murderers than any other in the county. I'm surprised Texas was not the first state to use this new drug cocktail. Maybe Texas just had more of the old stuff on hand, before it was banned for use in executions by the drug company that manufactures it. Was it wrong to execute someone in a manner that caused them to suffer before they died? One part of me has no compassion for a murderer like Dennis McGuire who killed another human being without giving a second thought as to whether they were suffering or not. However, when we the people through our prison system take the life of another - the manner in which that person is killed does speak volumes about the morality of our country. Rather than being worried about whether or not Dennis McGuire suffered during his execution, we should be more concerned with the issue of whether the state should be in the business of killing one of it's citizens in the first place. As a lifetime supporter of the death penalty, I have started to question, recently, whether or not the government should keep on executing convicted criminals. While some in the news media seemed more concerned Wednesday about how Dennis McGuire spent his last few minutes of life, they should have been focusing much more attention on the suffering of the families of his victims.

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