Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time To Ban Acetaminophen?

Texas News Blog: Once again, the FDA has warned consumers about the liver damage of taking too much acetaminophen (Tylenol) and this time their warning is very scary. According to published stories this morning, the FDA now claims that liver damage could be caused by a dose as small as 325 mg of acetaminophen. How long is it going to take for the FDA to finally put a stop to this dangerous medication and remove it from the market? People who have studied pain killers for decades, have long known the damage acetaminophen can cause to the human liver. However - the U.S. Government continues to warn consumers about this danger, while at the same time allowing people to continue to purchase it over-the-counter at stores. I believe it's the drug companies who have pressured the FDA and Members of Congress into keeping this dangerous pain killer on the market, strictly because it would cost too much money to ban it. The time for removing acetaminophen from pharmacy shelves has long since come. There are other, and in my opinion better, over-the-counter medicines that do not cause liver damage when used as directed. The hard truth is acetaminophen works very well on reducing pain, but apparently it works equally as well on damaging the liver. I remember over a decade ago when a co-worker of mine purchased life insurance for himself and his wife. This friend drank a six-pack of beer everyday, while his wife never touched alcohol. After their physicals, the wife was turned down for coverage – while her husband, who is a daily drinker was approved. Why you say? It was because his wife had extremely high liver enzymes. Her doctor said, even a decade ago, that acetaminophen causes liver damage. It turned out that she took four or five acetaminophen pills each day. When I heard that news, it scared me into not taking that medication anymore, unless it was prescribed by a doctor in prescription form. Hopefully – the FDA will take the next step now and ban acetaminophen from both prescription and over-the-counter sale.

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