Monday, January 27, 2014

Snyder Earthquake January 27th

I've been writing this blog for years now and hardly ever until recently have I needed to write a story about earthquakes in Texas. Well, those days are over and Monday night there was yet another small earthquake in Texas and this time it was near the small oil community of Snyder. In some parts of the county, earthquakes are a regular occurrence. However – here in Texas, they almost never happened in recent times until the past year or so. Some folks believe it is 'Fracking' that is causing the increase in Texas earthquakes, but nothing has been proven to date. However, I think it is more likely that these earthquakes are due to the ever changing aspect of the world we live in. Some people believe the world is getting warmer than ever before, because of increased carbon in the atmosphere. However, without a doubt this planet was warmer once than it is today or the Vikings would have never been able to set sail on the ocean to explore the rest of the world. Where I live, Waco Texas, there is a huge fault-line that runs through the middle of Lake Waco. Experts claim it's a thousand year earthquake zone, but no one alive remembers when the last one occurred. More than likely if you live in the Snyder Texas area you felt a small shaking of the ground Monday night around 6:00 PM. Hopefully, you were not kissing a new person at that exact moment and now believe you just met the love of your life.

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