Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Problems With Fairness In Austin Legal System

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Texas News Blog: There have been complaints for years that law enforcement in Austin, Texas is often times not fair and sometimes down right brutal against suspects. However, recently the issue has evolved into one of questioning the fairness of the justice system in Austin. Like many people, I was shocked when Austin District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg decided to remain in office after being arrested for DWI. I still do not understand her choice and believe a judge who refused to remove her from office was incorrect in his decision. Then, a few days ago, an Austin police officer by the name of Ricardo Zapata was fired after he was also arrested for DWI. Does any of this sound fair to you, because it doesn't to me? It makes absolutely no sense to allow a district attorney who puts people in jail everyday for driving while intoxicated to keep her job after committing the same offense. Then to add insult to injury, it is even more wrong to fire an Austin police officer for doing the same thing the local DA did and got to keep her job. There are definitely problems with the legal system in Austin and the only way to deal with them is to treat everyone fairly. From a homeless person on the street all the way up to the District Attorney, everyone should be treated the same way under the law. Rosemary Lehmberg, in her narcissism to hold-on to power, has opened up a hornets nest when it comes to legal fairness in Austin. Not since the time when Eliot Spitzer was putting New York 'Johns' in jail for soliciting prostitutes during the day, while paying a prostitute for sex at night, has there been a more clear case of the powerful being held to a different set of standards than everyone else.

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