Monday, January 27, 2014

No Accountability Big Problems

Have you noticed that there are no consequences for bad behavior anymore? Back in December, a person or persons made off with the credit and debit card numbers of over 100-million Americans and it is likely who ever is responsible will never be brought to justice. There seems to be more small financial crime today than at anytime in recent memory, but do you ever hear about anyone being arrested and sent to jail for it? Sadly, in the world today – petty criminals are not punished and this is leading to even more folks getting into the game and stealing from you and me. I am trying hard to go along with an ever changing world, but lawlessness should never be apart of any new world. Millions of dollars are stolen from the Food Stamp program, but when was the last time you heard of anyone being arrested for that? Fake checks by the millions are sent to Texans in an effort to steal their identities and/or money. Is anyone going to jail for that? None that I know of. With the modern age has come a new and smarter class of criminal whose only purpose is the ripoff other people. Don't you think it's time some of these folks were sent to jail, to show that there are some consequences for bad behavior?

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