Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Michael Bryce Underwood Probation Sentence

On Monday, Michael Bryce Underwood was sentenced to probation in the death of Nate Maki last August. According to Underwood, this was nothing more than a tragic accident when his best friend was in the wrong place, at the wrong time when a gun was fired while on a hunting trip. Maki's family, from the Denton Texas area, is extremely upset that Underwood was not sentenced to at least some time in prison. They believe he should spend some time away from family and friends to contemplate what he has done. That said, the court did not agree and only gave Michael Bryce Underwood probation. As an adult, I find it easy to pass judgment on a young man like Underwood. However - when I was in high school, participating in hunting trips was completely normal, even though my friends and I were not very mature. In fact, while on one hunting trip – I accidentally shot a good friend of mine in the leg. I will never forget that day as I helped him back to the car and rushed to the nearest hospital. Thank God he made a full medical recover, but I never went hunting again. I can relate both to Underwood and the family of Nate Maki in this terrible tragedy. Maki's family is angry and looking for someone to blame, while Michael Bryce Underwood will never be the same after killing his best friend. There are no winners in this story. Only losers.

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