Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mental Illness In Gun Control Debate

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Texas News Blog: On Monday - a retired police officer, in Florida, did not appreciate someone using a cell phone in a movie theater. So after an verbal altercation, the ex-cop took out his handgun and killed the man. While there are many other aspects to this story, the fact remains that a man who should have known better than to draw his gun and kill another human being, did so anyway. The reason why all of these public murders keep happening has to be related to some type of mental illness. Sadly, the world is not yet ready to deal with this issue – so pundits will continue to blame guns for murders that mentally ill people commit. So here we go again. For the next few weeks, there will be hours of shouting on television from the pro and anti gun lobbyist and when everything finally settles down, nothing will have been accomplished. Doesn't it make more sense to, once and for all, deal with the issues of mental illness when it comes to gun ownership - without lumping in the vast majority of responsible gun owners in with this one Florida man who should not have been carrying a firearm in the first place? The common denominator in most senseless murders with a gun, involve the shooter having a difficult time dealing with people who are different from themselves. I understand why most people do not want to talk about mental illness, but if we don't start to discuss this issue and find reasonable solutions - these murders will continue to increase along with the growing population. I have already decided to stop watching cable news for the next few weeks, while all the nut jobs, on all sides of the gun control debate, spout their utter nonsense on TV.

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