Thursday, January 16, 2014

Many Deaths Reported This Flu Season

Texas News Blog: It has turned out to be a bad flu season in Texas. So far, dozens of people have caught the flu and died in the Houston and Dallas Fort Worth areas. As is usually the case, the very young and old are the most at risk of dying from a case of the flu. However, during 2013/2014 flu season, new strains of H1N1 'swine flu' have resulted in the deaths of people who do not fall into those narrow categories. Last week, several people lost their lives in Bell County (Temple & Killeen) from H1N1 flu. Then yesterday, it was reported that a woman in her 60's died in McLennan County (Waco) also from flu. Of course, the best way to prevent catching the flu is to get a vaccination each year. However, there are thousands of Texans who refuse to get a yearly flu shot, simply because they are more afraid of the vaccine than they are of the virus. That is so sad, because most people will tolerate flu vaccine much better than the complications of the virus itself. The news media have over-exaggerated or outright lied about problems with flu vaccine for years. Those misrepresentations have cost many Texans their lives, because unsubstantiated fears were spread about the dangers of getting a flu shot. New research has proven that a flu shot is a safe and effective way to prevent getting the virus and even if a vaccinated person does catch the flu – they almost always recover more quickly. It's not too late to get a flu shot, even though the flu season is drawing to a close. It's true that many doctors offices, medical clinics and pharmacies are running short of flu vaccine right now. However, it can still be found and does offer some protection in as little as 2-days after getting the shot. If you have young children or are responsible for taking care of a senior citizen, please consider getting them a flu shot. It's the smart thing to do.

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