Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Brittany Norwood A Gold Digger (Houston Tx)?

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Texas News Blog: Arian Foster, from the Houston Texans, is finding out the hard way that when you are married, it's a bad idea to fool around on your wife. According to Norwood, she is pregnant with the married Foster's child. The news media in Houston has been filled with stories recently about how Foster and his brother have been bullying Norwood into having an abortion. This week, Norwood's attorney was successful in getting a restraining order to prevent Foster and his brother from pressuring her into getting an abortion. Norwood has said that she had no idea Foster was married when she began a relationship with him. However - after she told him she was pregnant, he immediately began pressuring her to get an abortion. So the question is, does Norwood really love Foster or is she remaining pregnant in order to receive a huge sum of money in the form of child support when the child is born? While I don't know either party in this matter, it does appear to be just another case of a single woman, Norwood, looking for a big payoff from a rich married man. That said, none of this would have been an issue, if Foster would have remained faithful to his wife. Maybe Norwood is a Gold Digger, but Foster was a willing victim.

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