Friday, January 31, 2014

Did Leanne Bearden Voluntarily Disappear?

Family and friends of missing person Leanne Bearden now believe it is likely she voluntarily disappeared. Folks started looking for Bearden when she went out for a one hour walk 12-days ago and never returned. Initially, everyone from her family to police feared the worst for her. However, now that over one week has past and a private investigator has been looking through her old email and text messages – it now appears Leanne Bearden may have gone out for a walk with no intention of returning. Hopefully, the police will continue to look for Bearden the same way they would anyone else who is missing. While it may be true that Bearden, allegedly unhappy after returning home from worldwide travels, decided to just leave everyone behind in search of a happier life. The smart thing to do, is to keep her name and picture in the public eye – just in case she turns out to be an unhappy person who was also a victim of some type of crime. That said, if several months from now or more she mysteriously shows back up and appears confused by all the attention she received while missing. I think the State of Texas and local law enforcement in the San Antonio area should bill her for all the money that has been spent in an effort to find her. There is little doubt, if she is still alive and free, that Leanne Bearden does know that millions of people around the state and country are looking for her. I know it has happened before, when someone just disappears on their own without even as much as a phone call. However, I cannot understand why someone would do such a terrible thing to anyone else.

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