Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Construction Death Baylor University Bridge

A tragic accident occurred near Baylor University Tuesday afternoon that cost the life of one man. According to Waco police, the yet unidentified man was working on the pedestrian bridge which will cross the Brazos River from the University to the new McLane Football Stadium. Both are being built at this time. It is still not completely clear what happened - but the man who died and another that was injured were in a man cage, while working on the pedestrian bridge, when the cage went into the water. Divers worked for a considerable length of time to find the man's body and recover it from the river. An investigation will be conducted to find out the cause of this fatal accident. Students, alumni and fans of Baylor football have been excited about this huge construction project. In fact, the estimated completions date for McLane Stadium is August of 2014. My hope is this man did not lose his life simple because the contractors who are building this massive facility were rushing the work to meet a tight deadline. I drive by the new football stadium construction project several times per week and right now, it does not seem possible it will be ready for the first home game come August. When a final report is released on what happened in Waco today, I will write about it here on the blog.

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