Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cancer Treatments Better Than Before

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Texas News Blog: Unfortunately, the dreaded disease of cancer is still apart of the lives of almost every family in Texas. The good news is, the medical community has done a better job, in recent years, treating the different types of cancer and Hospice is wonderful at providing a dignity to patients and families during the very last weeks of life. My father died from cancer as did his own. More than likely when it is my time to go, it will be cancer that will take my life as well. Dad died from pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly and painful kinds, while my grandfather passed away from testicular cancer back in the 1940's. When I was very young - my dad's brother was diagnosed and died from brain cancer, when he was in his mid-30's. He spent many months in treatment at a Houston hospital, before finally passing away before his 40th birthday. I know more about the ravages of cancer than almost anyone else outside the medical community. With that knowledge, I have learned that while progress in cancer treatments is slow, it is being made and some folks who use to die are now being cured. In the 1960's when I was young, children died all the time from Leukemia. Today, however, it is not uncommon for kids to make a full recovery from that type of cancer. I grew up in a small farming community in the Texas panhandle where neighbors were the good kind and helped each other out. I am proud to say that is still the case in small towns even today. Like most of you, I pray daily that a cure for all cancers is found in the not to distant future. While the bible teaches us not to hate, I can't help but hate cancer.

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