Friday, January 17, 2014

Breastfeeding At Victoria's Secret (Austin)

Texas News Blog: Recently, a young mother was shopping at a Victoria's Secret store in Austin, Texas when she asked an employee there if it would be okay for her to breast-feed her infant in one the the fitting rooms. Much to her surprise, the employee told her flat out no she could not. Instead, the Victoria's Secret employee directed the young mother to an alley behind the store where she said the mom could breast-feed without anyone seeing her. The good news is, Victoria's Secret quickly corrected this mistake and released a statement that said it has been company policy to allow breastfeeding in their stores for a long time and went on to say the employee, who told the mom no to breastfeeding, was violating that company policy. The reason why this story is so amazing to me is because of the type of store Victoria's Secret is. The whole idea behind the brand 'Victoria's Secret' is to promote sexuality and the last time I checked - sexually does lead to pregnancy. More than likely, the store employee had a personal dislike for woman who breast-feed their children in public. However, this mom in Austin did not want to do that. Instead, she wanted to take her child to a place within the store where there would be no chance of anyone seeing what was going on. It seems clear to me, that Victoria's Secret needs to better train their employees on what is and what is not company policy in matters such as this. In addition to this mother receiving an apology from the company, she also was given a $150 gift certificate for future purchases at the store.

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