Friday, January 31, 2014

Did Leanne Bearden Voluntarily Disappear?

Family and friends of missing person Leanne Bearden now believe it is likely she voluntarily disappeared. Folks started looking for Bearden when she went out for a one hour walk 12-days ago and never returned. Initially, everyone from her family to police feared the worst for her. However, now that over one week has past and a private investigator has been looking through her old email and text messages – it now appears Leanne Bearden may have gone out for a walk with no intention of returning. Hopefully, the police will continue to look for Bearden the same way they would anyone else who is missing. While it may be true that Bearden, allegedly unhappy after returning home from worldwide travels, decided to just leave everyone behind in search of a happier life. The smart thing to do, is to keep her name and picture in the public eye – just in case she turns out to be an unhappy person who was also a victim of some type of crime. That said, if several months from now or more she mysteriously shows back up and appears confused by all the attention she received while missing. I think the State of Texas and local law enforcement in the San Antonio area should bill her for all the money that has been spent in an effort to find her. There is little doubt, if she is still alive and free, that Leanne Bearden does know that millions of people around the state and country are looking for her. I know it has happened before, when someone just disappears on their own without even as much as a phone call. However, I cannot understand why someone would do such a terrible thing to anyone else.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emil McMahon Intoxication Manslaughter Charge

32-year-old Emil McMahon, from Crosby Texas, was charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter, on Wednesday, in the death of Tania & A.J. Vercher. 27-year-old Tania and her 2-year-old son A.J., died when a vehicle driven by McMahon crashed into them on September 29th 2013. The wreck happened on FM-1942 near Garth Road. According to police reports, Emil McMahon was speeding and driving unsafely while trying to catch up to his wife - who was trying to avoid him while driving another vehicle. Tania Vercher died at the scene, while her son A.J. passed away at the hospital the next day. The crash occurred near a Crosby bar, Bob N Jeans, where customers rushed to help them after hearing the collision inside. The bar also had a surveillance system, which recorded the wreck and aftermath. Emil McMahon was injured and treated at a hospital, before being charged with intoxication manslaughter this week. A blood sample was taken from McMahon shortly after the crash, which allegedly indicted that he was under the influence of a controlled substance. No trial date as been set at this time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Construction Death Baylor University Bridge

A tragic accident occurred near Baylor University Tuesday afternoon that cost the life of one man. According to Waco police, the yet unidentified man was working on the pedestrian bridge which will cross the Brazos River from the University to the new McLane Football Stadium. Both are being built at this time. It is still not completely clear what happened - but the man who died and another that was injured were in a man cage, while working on the pedestrian bridge, when the cage went into the water. Divers worked for a considerable length of time to find the man's body and recover it from the river. An investigation will be conducted to find out the cause of this fatal accident. Students, alumni and fans of Baylor football have been excited about this huge construction project. In fact, the estimated completions date for McLane Stadium is August of 2014. My hope is this man did not lose his life simple because the contractors who are building this massive facility were rushing the work to meet a tight deadline. I drive by the new football stadium construction project several times per week and right now, it does not seem possible it will be ready for the first home game come August. When a final report is released on what happened in Waco today, I will write about it here on the blog.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Selfies While Driving Really Dumb

One of the newest words in the English language is 'selfie'. It's so new, most spell-checkers consider the word misspelled. Until recently, I had no clue what a selfie was. However, I have been witnessing them for years. So, in case you don't know. A selfie is a picture you take of yourself. Most of the time, these photos are taken with smart-phones like Android and iPhone. Like all new trends, there will be those folks who take a good thing to extremes and that is what has happened when it comes to selfies. While driving down a Texas highway the other day, I witnessed a young woman taking a selfie of herself driving down the road. It's common to see people doing stupid things while driving, but taking a picture of yourself is something I had never seen before. This woman or more appropriately I should call her a girl (looked to be a teenager) was just smiling away as she took selfies of herself as she passed me by. Frankly, I'm glad she passed me. It would have been pretty scary to look in the rear-view mirror and see someone taking a picture of themselves, instead of watching the road in front of them. Is it too much to ask for everyone to please stop taking selfies while driving a car? It's scary enough out on the road today, without some people taking pictures of themselves while driving a vehicle.

Michael Bryce Underwood Probation Sentence

On Monday, Michael Bryce Underwood was sentenced to probation in the death of Nate Maki last August. According to Underwood, this was nothing more than a tragic accident when his best friend was in the wrong place, at the wrong time when a gun was fired while on a hunting trip. Maki's family, from the Denton Texas area, is extremely upset that Underwood was not sentenced to at least some time in prison. They believe he should spend some time away from family and friends to contemplate what he has done. That said, the court did not agree and only gave Michael Bryce Underwood probation. As an adult, I find it easy to pass judgment on a young man like Underwood. However - when I was in high school, participating in hunting trips was completely normal, even though my friends and I were not very mature. In fact, while on one hunting trip – I accidentally shot a good friend of mine in the leg. I will never forget that day as I helped him back to the car and rushed to the nearest hospital. Thank God he made a full medical recover, but I never went hunting again. I can relate both to Underwood and the family of Nate Maki in this terrible tragedy. Maki's family is angry and looking for someone to blame, while Michael Bryce Underwood will never be the same after killing his best friend. There are no winners in this story. Only losers.

Final Four AT&T Stadium Arlington

Serious consideration is being given to awarding the contract for future 'Final Four' competitions to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In fact, the stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play football is in the running to win the contract for the men's NCAA Final Four along with the American Airlines Center being considered for the women's title for the years 2017-2020. For the Dallas Fort Worth area, winning these contracts to host the most amazing games in college basketball for several years straight would be a huge win both from a financial standpoint, as well as bragging rights. The DFW area has a definite advantage when it comes to the section process. In addition to being centrally located, it is easy to fly in to and out of the airport located only a few miles away from the venue as thousands of people learned during the Super Bowl a few years back. Traditional 'Final Four' cities like Indianapolis, New Orleans along with Atlanta and Minneapolis are also in the running to win the contract to host games for the 'Final Four' during the last three years of this decade. 'March Madness' would be so much sweeter, if the best games of the year are played right here in the State of Texas

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snyder Earthquake January 27th

I've been writing this blog for years now and hardly ever until recently have I needed to write a story about earthquakes in Texas. Well, those days are over and Monday night there was yet another small earthquake in Texas and this time it was near the small oil community of Snyder. In some parts of the county, earthquakes are a regular occurrence. However – here in Texas, they almost never happened in recent times until the past year or so. Some folks believe it is 'Fracking' that is causing the increase in Texas earthquakes, but nothing has been proven to date. However, I think it is more likely that these earthquakes are due to the ever changing aspect of the world we live in. Some people believe the world is getting warmer than ever before, because of increased carbon in the atmosphere. However, without a doubt this planet was warmer once than it is today or the Vikings would have never been able to set sail on the ocean to explore the rest of the world. Where I live, Waco Texas, there is a huge fault-line that runs through the middle of Lake Waco. Experts claim it's a thousand year earthquake zone, but no one alive remembers when the last one occurred. More than likely if you live in the Snyder Texas area you felt a small shaking of the ground Monday night around 6:00 PM. Hopefully, you were not kissing a new person at that exact moment and now believe you just met the love of your life.

Mackenzie Wethington Skydiving Accident

16-year-old Mackenzie Wethington, a student at Joshua High School in Texas, is lucky to be alive tonight after a skydiving accident in Oklahoma over the weekend. In Texas, a person must be 18-years-old to legally sky dive without being tethered to a more experienced jumper. However - in Oklahoma, the minimum age is only 16. Mackenzie Wethington traveled to Oklahoma to experience skydiving with her father and now she is recovering from her injuries in a hospital there. Exactly what happened has still not been completely explained. However, what is known is that Wethington is lucky to be alive. In the hospital she is being treated for broken bones including her vertebrae, which was broke in half, and her pelvis. Mackenzie Wethington will likely remain in the hospital for a long period of time. Fellow students from Joshua High School are wishing her well and praying for a speedy recovery.

No Accountability Big Problems

Have you noticed that there are no consequences for bad behavior anymore? Back in December, a person or persons made off with the credit and debit card numbers of over 100-million Americans and it is likely who ever is responsible will never be brought to justice. There seems to be more small financial crime today than at anytime in recent memory, but do you ever hear about anyone being arrested and sent to jail for it? Sadly, in the world today – petty criminals are not punished and this is leading to even more folks getting into the game and stealing from you and me. I am trying hard to go along with an ever changing world, but lawlessness should never be apart of any new world. Millions of dollars are stolen from the Food Stamp program, but when was the last time you heard of anyone being arrested for that? Fake checks by the millions are sent to Texans in an effort to steal their identities and/or money. Is anyone going to jail for that? None that I know of. With the modern age has come a new and smarter class of criminal whose only purpose is the ripoff other people. Don't you think it's time some of these folks were sent to jail, to show that there are some consequences for bad behavior?

Marlboro Man Died Age 72

Many in the mainstream media are writing about the death of the 'Marlboro Man' this morning at the age of 72. Eric Lawson was better known than most folks when I was growing up in the 1970's. In fact, during that period of time I was a smoker and my brand was Marlboro. Not sure if Eric had an affect on what type of cigarette I smoked, but I did like the commercials he appeared in. It kind of angers me, but at the same time I understand what the big deal is when it comes to his cause of death. Eric died from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) which is usually caused by smoking cigarettes. The one thing most people in the news media are leaving out in his obituary is the fact that Eric Lawson was 72-years-old when he passed away. From my point of view, he did have a long life – whether or not his final demise was caused by cigarette smoking or not.

Oh No, More Cold Weather

As a happy resident of the State of Texas, I do not like cold weather. Sadly, the weather lady on TV told me this morning that more of it is on the way. Thankfully, I have got some good use out of some older coats that have been hanging in my closet for a long time. That said, it is time for the weather in Texas to go back to a semi state of normal. I told a lady at a fast food drive through window the other day, as she was shivering while taking my money – that I really did not like all of this cold weather. She half-smiled at me and used words to describe this weather in a way I would rather not write here. Needless to say, few REAL Texans like all of this cold weather – or we would have moved to Alaska a long time ago.

Trading Debit Cards For Cash

Only a few short months ago, I remember thinking to myself that the days of using cash while shopping in Texas were quickly coming to an end. With every bank, big and small, offering free debit cards to their customers – the idea of not carrying around cash had almost become normal to me. Then in December, all hell broke loose when over 100-million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from Target and the news just keeps getting worse. Now there are other major retail firms finally admitting that they too allowed card information to be stolen by hackers. Could cash be making a comeback in the United States of America? It could very well just do that. Even though most folks can get their money back, if their card data is stolen. All of this computer hacking is at least going to slow the progress of the nation moving to a cash free society.

Too Old For Music Shows?

Last night, I attempted to watch the Grammy Awards on television. For decades, I looked forward to this annual event with pleasure. However, as father time has caught up with me – I find it difficult to even stay awake until the show is over. I'm not sure if it's an age thing or the fact that newer music just doesn't turn me on anymore. Thirty years ago, I remember telling myself that I would never get so old that I gave on up listening to modern music – like my parents did. Now, however, here I am acting the same way as mom and dad and discovering that I'm doing the same things as they did after the age of 50. Oh well, in most ways I am happier now than I was 30-year-ago. At least my aging brain tells me that I am.

Cowboys Need Peyton Manning Type

I know many of you are tired of my endless criticisms of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but with the Super Bowl only one week away. I can't help but look at the contrast between a real winner like Peyton Manning and Romo and hang my head in disgust with owner Jerry Jones. How in the world can a successful businessman like Jones bankroll the entire future of the team on the leadership and ability of Tony Romo? Over the years, I have shook my head in disbelief at some of the hair brained decisions Jones has made and paying Tony Romo all that money over the next many years takes the cake as the dumbest. What the Dallas Cowboys need is a real leader like Peyton Manning. However - until Jerry understands that in his own mind, I'm afraid we will just be stuck with one losing season after another. Texas and Dallas Cowboys fans deserve a quarterback with a willing attitude and the talent to make it happen.

Viruses On Cruise Ships, Why?

I think I'm one of only a few people on Earth who has never taken a cruise. As the years have gone by, one excuse after another has prevented me from picking up the phone to book a cruise to some pretty spot like Alaska. However, in recent years I have found myself less interested in taking a cruise. The reason is all of the viruses people seem to come down with when taking these nice cruises. I think ships even set sail from Galveston, Texas these days. So, if I change my mind, I will probably leave from there. So why are there so many virus outbreaks on cruise ships?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Faith Hill Grammy Awards?

Unless I fell off to sleep when they showed her on television, I noticed that Faith Hill and her husband Tim McGraw were nowhere to be seen during the 2014 Grammy Awards. Last year, it made news when Faith Hill took the stage and appeared terribly thin in the face while wearing braces. Since that time, rumors have suggested the couple is about to file for divorce. However, in TV interviews, both of them say that speculation is not true. Both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are usually present at the Grammy Awards and I was surprised when I did not see them tonight.

Texas Abortion Law Needs Clarification

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The past couple of weeks, the State of Texas has become a laughing stock again with many people around the world. This time it involved the decision of a Fort Worth hospital to keep a brain-dead young woman alive, against her families wishes. The hospital did this in response to a law that was written in Austin that was not clearly interpreted. When the Texas Legislature is in session again, one of their first orders of business should be to change this law and make it clearly understood what the rights of the family are - so this does not happen again.

Travis Warren High Speed Chase

44-year-old Travis Warren was arrested on Sunday in Portland, Texas after leading police on a chase. While eluding officers, Warren crashed his SUV into a number of vehicles near a Catholic Church. At one point, a 'Good Samaritan' stop to render aid to Warren – but his good will was met with the suspect trying to steal the man's car. The owner of the car tried to pull Warren out of the vehicle, but was punched in the face. Warren continued to elude police, until he was finally caught and arrested.

Paul Shaffer With Ringo Starr?

I just finished watching Ringo Starr sing his hit song “Photograph” on the 2014 edition of the Grammy Awards and it appeared to me that Paul Shaffer was playing the drums behind him. I was not even aware that Shaffer from the 'David Letterman Show' even was an accomplished drum player. If that was him, he certainly appeared to be having a great time.

Baby Olivia Coats Forceps Death

Several hundred people gathered on Sunday to help the family of Baby Olivia Coats raise money for expenses since she died shortly after delivery at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. In a tragic accident, the doctor delivering Olivia Coats crushed her skull and severed her spinal cord using forceps. The family is trying to get the Texas state legislature to ban the use of forceps by passing 'Olivia's Law' during the next session. Baby Olivia was born on New Years Day of 2014 and died a few days later at a Houston hospital. The money raised today will help Olivia's family pay medical expenses.

James Carson Smith Shot-Killed

45-year-old James Carson Smith died on Saturday after he was allegedly accidentally shot at a home near Kilgore, Texas. According to police - Smith was found dead at the scene, in the 1100 block of Highway 31, when they arrived at the Gregg County residence. It appears the shooter was a 13-year-old boy. James Carson Smith was arrested in November of 2012 on an assault charge, which was related in some way to family violence. He was free on bond awaiting trial when he was killed on Saturday.

Adelfa Botello Callejo Funeral

90-year-old Adelfa Botello Callejo, a civil rights attorney from Dallas Texas, died from brain cancer on Saturday. She made her name by standing up to government and businesses who discriminated against African-Americans and those of Mexican-American heritage. She was feared by status quo politicians and business men and woman in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond. She was even referred to as La Madrina, “The Godmother” from time to time. Callejo, fought and defeated breast and colon cancer during her life. However, it was brain cancer, she worked so hard to defeat, that caused her death. Callejo's life will be celebrated at a funeral mass at Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe located at 2215 Ross Ave in Dallas beginning at 10:00 AM on Thursday.

Leanne Bearden Still Missing

On Saturday, police in Garden Ridge Texas spent much of the day searching the area 33-year-old Leanne Bearden was last seen in. However, their efforts did not bear fruit – so authorities are asking the public to come forward with any leads that might help them locate Bearden who has been missing for about one week. Saturday's search involved dozens of law enforcement officers and a helicopter. Bearden was last seen on January 17th, when she went out for a walk and never returned. According to her husband, the couple was visiting his parents who live in Garden Ridge when she disappeared. If you have any information that could assist police in locating Bearden, please call the Garden Ridge Police Department at 210-651-6441.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Body Identified As Greg Donaghe

On Thursday, a badly decomposed body was found in the shrubs at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. It didn't take long for police to identify that body as belonging to 31-year-old Greg Donaghe, who disappeared in December after last being last seen near a local Walmart store. The cause of Donaghe's death was not immediately apparent, so his body was sent to Fort Worth (Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office) for autopsy. His family was devastated after learning this tragic news.

Robert Earl Bienemy Fatal Crash

24-year-old Robert Earl Bienemy from Beaumont, Texas lost his life on Friday night in a motor vehicle accident. According to police, the wreck occurred in the 4500 block of HWY 69S on the Fannett overpass. Bienemy was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other passengers were only injured slightly. Police are continuing their investigation.

People Hooked On Candy Crush?

On Facebook the other day I asked my friends, if they played Candy Crush and I also wanted to know, if all the media reports of it being addictive are true. I was shocked how many people, especially women, told me that they were so hooked on playing Candy Crush that some of them would get up at 3:00 AM just to play the game. I decided to stay away from this game. Heck - I would rather be sleeping at 3:00 AM in the morning, rather than playing a game. Maybe someone should start a 12-step Candy Crush program here in Texas.

Large Fire In Jacksonville Tonight

A large fire has been reported in the city of Jacksonville, Texas this evening. According to early reports, the fire is burning at HWY 69 and Bolton Street. At this time it is unknown whether or not the structure fire involves a home or business.

AT&T Stadium Sign Goes Up

Work crews have begun installing the new AT&T logo sign on the roof of Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Work began this morning and is expect to take several months to complete. It took longer than expected for Jerry Jones to find a naming sponsor for the stadium, but by the time the Cowboys play their first home game next season, the AT&T sign will be shining bright.

Boy Shot Adult In Gregg County

There was a terrible accidental shooting today in Gregg County, Texas. No names have been released at this time, but police believe an adult died. This occurred in the 1100 block of HWY 31. Few details are available at this time, but it is known that the Justice of the Peace has been called to the scene.

Sam's Southern Eatery In Waco

Just tried out a new restaurant in Waco called Sam's Southern Eatery located at 18th and Waco Drive. Folks, if you like good old fashion cooking with large portions of food. You will love Sam's. There was so much catfish in one order, we could have easily feed four people with a single order. They have other locations around the state and country. Click here for the compete list. This place is not much to look at, just like most other good eating establishments. Give it a try.

Obama Care Coming To Texas

The bad part about a national election in the United States is that the party who wins the White House is allowed to control the government as a whole. Like many of you, I do not like most aspects of Obamacare. However, unlike many of my fellow Texans – I do not see a way around this terrible law affecting all of us in a negative way. I think that the GOP would be wise to work harder to improve this law, rather than continually trying to raise money for more bad congressional candidates who want to abolish it. Obamacare is not going away in my opinion, so those of us who don't like any part of it had better start finding ways to improve it or we will be losing presidential elections for many years to come. If Republicans want real change, putting a President back in the White House is the only way to go.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices Drop

The price people are will to pay to watch the Super Bowl live in New York City have been dropping significantly over the past week. Most experts are blaming this drop in ticket prices on the weather. For sure, the weather forcast for NYC is bad for next Sunday's game. However, it might just be wise for the NFL to stick with domed stadiums when it comes to the Super Bowl. I remember bad weather hitting Dallas, Texas a few years ago and there was no drop in the price of the tickets then. Greed could be hurting the NFL and this ticket price drop should warn the powers that be, that football fans are not going to shell out thousands of dollars to sit in ice cold condition to watch a game live.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sam's Club Is Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

It's really ashame when someone loses their job and when that number goes into the thousands it becomes a tragedy. Recently Sam's Club, a division of Walmart, announced that they will be laying off 2300 employees nationwide. I'm sure a good number of those folks live right here in Texas. The retailer is trying to cut costs so they can remain competitive with other businesses. I have never been a fan of Walmart and now I have another reason to not shop there, unless I absolutely have to. The middle class is disappearing and large corporate businesses like Sam's and Walmart are leading the way toward it's extinction.

Black Eye For John Peter Smith Hospital In Fort Worth

John Peter Smith Hospital, known to many as JPS, does not look good tonight after a Fort Worth, Texas judge ruled against them today. A brain-dead woman has been kept alive in their hospital, against the wishes of her family, because she was pregnant when she died. While I do not blame the hospital up until this point, if they decided to appeal the decision of the judge, they will certainly receive a black eye that could doom the facility in coming months. Texans are already concerned that Obamacare will take rights away from families in decisions like this and if they continue their fight – they will lose the confidence of most of the people they are suppose to serve.

Hard Work In The Texas Summer Sun Would Help Justin Bieber Grow Up

Like most people who were born and raised in rural Texas, I learned about the values of life by working hard on my father's farm during my early years of life. Apparently, Justin Bieber did not experience the long hot days of a hot August sky in Texas, working on a cotton farm. In fact, when I heard that it was Justin Bieber's own father that was blocking traffic so his son could drag race down a city street. I understood exactly what the problem is with Bieber and his attitude. Maybe Justin and his father need to be sentenced to some hard work on a Texas farm this summer. If that happened, I'm pretty sure a bunch of this spoiled rotten behavior would disappear by fall.

Rouhad Ezzeddine, Children Leila & Zeinab, Killed At Fort Hood

As you may have heard by now, the murders of three people on Fort Hood army base a few days ago have been ruled a murder-suicide. The names of those killed have now been released. According to police, 43-year-old Rouhad Ezzeddine killed his two young children 9-year-old Leila and 4-year-old Zeinab at their home on the base. The mother of the children is an active duty soldier with the 2nd Brigade qCombat Team in the 1st Cavalry Division. No motive has been released at this time.

It's Cold In Texas Tonight & More Is On The Way

Most Texans do not like cold weather, but in 2014 that's exactly what we have had in abundant supply. Tonight, the temperatures are in the 20's and 30's in most parts of the state and in a few days, even colder weather will blast the Lone Star State. Don't you know those crazy folks who have been worried that 'Global Warming' was going to kill us all are extremely upset with all this cold weather? Like most Texas residents, I don't like cold weather and I especially don't like icy, snow covered, roads. Thank goodness most of the ice melted with the rising sun this morning, so now all we have to do is just wait. Come summer, we will be desperate for cold days like today.

Texas Jails Need Improvement & Better Training

Recently, a couple of people lost their jobs at the jail in Irving, Texas. Apparently, a few months ago an insulin dependent inmate was housed there and that person died when she went several days without getting insulin. To me, it's just common sense that an insulin dependent inmate would receive medication in order to stay alive. However, at least two people at the Irving jail did not realize how important this was. According to records, the jail did call the inmates mother, who lives in California, to ask her to bring insulin to the jail. However, after the mother told them she could not get to Texas in time – the inmate was allowed to die, instead of provided insulin or taken to a hospital. Texans, we can do better than this.

Is Colten Moore, Garland Killer, A Sociopath?

The dictionary says a sociopath has a antisocial personality disorder, but most people know there is more to this type of personality than someone who is just antisocial. All anyone needs to do is to watch an episode or two of 'Criminal Minds' to learn just what kind of mindset a sociopath has. When I heard the news that Colten Moore had shot another convenience store employee in recent weeks, I started to wonder, if he is a sociopath? Many doctors do not believe a true sociopath can be rehabilitated. It will be interesting to watch Colten Moore's trial to learn what kind of information comes out about him. If he is a sociopath, there will likely be stories of him killing animals, before moving on to human beings.

Tarrant County Judge Orders Hospital To Remove Brain-Dead Woman From Life-Support

In a move that is hard to argue with, a Tarrant County Texas judge has ordered a Fort Worth, Texas hospital to remove a brain-dead woman from life-support. She will likely quit breathing within minutes of such a move. The hospital and the family of the woman have been fighting it out in court. The family wants the hospital to remove the woman fro life-support, while the hospital says it is against state law to do so, because she is pregnant. I'm not sure, if this decision can or will be appealed. Frankly - I'm just hoping that it is over, so this family can grieve the loss of both the lady and the child inside of her.

Baylor Bears McLane Stadium Taking Shape

Baylor Bears fans are starting to get really excited about next year, when the new McLean Baylor Bears Stadium opens for business. A few days ago, I drove by the new stadium and it is really beginning to take shape. It actually looks like a football stadium now and that's good, because the Baylor Bears will start playing football there in August of this year. Another thing I like about the new Baylor Stadium is the little walkway bridge, that will lead from the campus, to the new stadium across the Brazos River.

Target Learns Business Lesson The Hard Way

I remember a successful businessman told me once that it took years to build up a good reputation and only a few seconds to lose it. In December as I watched retail giant Target implode after their credit card security was hacked, that statement kept running through my mind. Over the years, I must have seen one thousand or more Target ads on television designed to build a positive image. However, within a few days of word leaking out that their security had been breached, all of those millions of dollars worth of branding went right out the window.

Grammy Awards 2014, Will Faith Hill Look Better?

On the 2013 edition of the Grammy Awards, country music superstar Faith Hill appeared to be extremely thin and definitely not looking her best. On Sunday night, the 2014 version of the show will be broadcast to an audience worldwide and I hope Mrs. Hill (McGraw) will look better this year. It's tough to live your life out in front of television cameras. I hope this year, if Faith Hill appears live on the Grammy Awards – she will look happier and healthier than last year. She is an amazing talent.

Austin EMS Responds To Over 60 Traffic Accidents

The icy weather has made traveling by roadway extremely hazardous in Austin, Texas. By 10:00 PM last night, emergency personnel had already responded to over 60 traffic accident in the state capitol. Sadly, that number is expected to increase as temperatures continue to drop during the early morning hours. Police are urging citizens of Austin to please stay off the roads unless it's an emergency. Thawing should being at sunrise today.

Amarillo Police Arrest Michael Dibiase After Stand-Off

37-year-old Michael Dibiase was arrested by police in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday. According to police spokesman, Brent Barbee, Dibiase was holdup in a warehouse in the 3900 block of northwest 12th street. The standoff lasted 12-hours, because the building was so large and Dibiase refused to give up. Initially - officers with the APD were interested in Dibiase, because he had outstanding warrants out against him.

Waco Jury Sentences Tevin Elliot To 20-Years In Prison

Former Baylor Bears football player, Tevin Elliot was sentenced to 20-years in prison in Waco, Texas on Thursday. Earlier, he was convicted on two counts of sexual assault by the same jury. The sexual assault occurred in 2012 at a home in South Waco. The jury took less than a hour to reach their verdict. Tevin Elliot is expected to appeal.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Much Snow Will Fall In Texas Today?

As I look out the window of my home in Waco, I see snowflakes falling like a springtime rain. I'm a lifelong Texan who spent my early years living in a small farming community in the Texas panhandle. In 1983, I moved to Waco and have lived here ever since. The winter of 2014 has been one of the coldest I remember since moving to Central Texas. So how much snow will fall before morning here in Texas? It really depends on what part of the state you live in, but rest assured you better get up early in the morning, if you want to see the snow, before the sun melts it all away.

Governor Rick Perry Supports Decriminalization Of Marijuana

When I read the news today that Gov. Rick Perry had come out in support of decriminalizing the possession of marijuana, I did a double take and read that sentence again. As one of the most conservative leaders in the country, the very idea that Rick Perry would support decriminalizing 'pot' says volumes about how attitudes with voters of all political party's have changed on this issue over the years. While I don't smoke weed, I have no problem with others who do. I think what Rick Perry said today took a lot of guts.

Sisters Irma Myers-Santana & Anna Williamson Get Lung Transplant

71-year-old Irma Myers-Santana and her sister, 69-year-old Anna Williamson were blessed recently when the two siblings received a lung transplant from the same donor. This blessing occurred at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. According to the San Antonio Express News, Irma and Anna have had a close relationship their entire lives, but as is often the case between siblings - their personalities are completely different. So, when it turned out they both needed a lung transplant, each wanted the other to get the new organ first. However, in the end, both of them were a match and each was transplanted with one lung from the same donor.

Unborn Baby Of Marlise Munoz, From Fort Worth, Is Abnormal

Attorney's for Erick Munoz said in court on Wednesday, that the unborn baby inside his brain-dead wife, Marlise Munoz, is abnormal. What exactly that means is difficult for non-medical professionals to understand, but I am assuming that doctors do not believe the child has a chance at a viable life, if born. This whole story should never have been brought into the anti and pro abortion news media. Sadly - this poor family, who is dealing with this terrible tragedy, is now caught up in a fight between political extremist on both sides.