Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sebastien de la Cruz Singing National Anthem Criticism

San Antonio (Texas News Blog): When 10-year-old Sebastien de la Cruz sang the United States National Anthem before Game 3 of the NBA 2013 finals, most Americans were proud of him. However, it turns out that some folks were not happy that an American of Mexican-American heritage was invited to sing in the first place. It's so sad that racism is still alive and well in the USA in 2013. The few people who took to Twitter and Facebook to spread their spiteful words of condemnations were quickly drowned out by the vast majority of Americans who enjoyed the way he positively represented our great country. The United States of America is changing quickly and for a few folks who are not able or willing to adapt to those changes, their bigotry is starting to fall on increasing numbers of deaf ears.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alexandria Garcia In Coma After Weekend Accident

San Antonio (Texas News Blog): 16-year-old Alexandria Garcia remains in a coma after an ATV accident last weekend. The accident occurred on Ansley Boulevard on San Antonio's south side. Garcia was riding in the center position of the ATV when she was thrown off hitting her head. Alexandria's family has been praying for her the past few days as doctors attempt to treat her critical injuries. At this early stage it is unclear whether or not Garcia will emerge from her coma and if she does what type of brain damage might linger.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trucker Steven Baker Killed In Midland Tx Train Crash

Midland, Texas (Texas News Blog): 53-year-old Steven Baker from Riverside California was killed on Monday when his 18-wheeler truck was hit by a train. The accident occurred at the Fairgrounds Railroad Crossing in Midland. According to police, Baker was killed instantly as was a pet dog that was also riding in the cab of the truck. Midland County has suffered an above average rash of fatal vehicle crashes since the beginning of 2013. The death of Steven Baker brings the total number of vehicle fatalities in Midland County this year to 25.

Monday, June 3, 2013

2-Year-Old Lily Ann Condron Killed In Arlington House Fire

Arlington, Texas (Texas News Blog): Lily Ann Condron died in a house fire in Arlington early Sunday morning. She was only 2-years-old. When firefighters arrived at the scene, 4 adults and 1 child were outside their home which was totally engulfed in flames. This fire, of unknown origins, began in Lily's bedroom and quickly spread to the rest of the house. Condron's parents tried in vein to save her, but they could not enter her bedroom because of fire and smoke. Lily Ann Condron died on what would have been her second birthday. The Arlington Fire Department is continuing an investigation into what caused the fire.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Larry Goodwin Killed By Bee Stings Near Moody Tx

Moody, Texas (Texas News Blog): A Moody man was killed on Saturday after being stung hundreds of times by a swarm of bees. According to police reports and eyewitnesses, Goodwin was tending to a neighbors property when he accidentally disturbed a beehive. Almost immediately, the bees began attacking Goodwin who was driving a small tractor at the time. Witnesses said that Goodwin made it to a nearby house and was in the process of washing his body down with water to remove the bees when his body finally gave out and he died. Goodwin's daughter and paramedics tried to save him, but they were unsuccessful. Four other people suffered multiple bee stings at the scene, but their injuries were not considered to be life threatening.

24-Year-Old Houston Firefighter Anne Sullivan Tribute

Houston, Texas (Texas News Blog): The youngest of the four Houston firefighters to die on Friday was a beautiful young woman named Anne Sullivan. Her lifelong goal was to become a paid firefighter, which she obtained one month ago when she began her probationary period with the Houston Fire Department. Anne Sullivan was fighting fires long before being hired on with the HFD. She began her firefighting career with the Community Volunteer Fire Department in 2009. Colleagues both at Community and at HFD Station 68 all spoke highly of Sullivan. She was an energetic young woman who loved running and serving her fellow citizens. May God grant her coworkers and family peace as they grieve a person who was taken too soon.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

47-Year-Old Federico Holcombe Killed In Midland Tx

Midland, Texas (Texas News Blog): Friday afternoon there was a major “big rig” truck accident on highway 158 near Midland, Texas. According to police, the driver of the 18-wheeler-truck, Federirco Holcombe from El Paso Texas, was killed when his vehicle rolled onto it's side after he lost control. Investigators believe Holcombe's truck began to shift from side to side on the highway a short time before it rolled over. The police report said that Holcombe was wearing a seat-belt and did not appear to be intoxicated. There have been a rash of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Midland County Texas this year. So far in 2013, 24 people have been killed in accidents there.

Houston Firefighters Renaud-Bebee-Garner-Sullivan Fallen Heroes

Houston, Texas (Texas News Blog): The names of the four Houston firefighters killed on Friday have been released. 35-year-old Captain Matthew Renaud served as a paramedic as well as a firefighter with the department since late 2001. 41-year-old Engineer Operator Robert Bebee also served as a paramedic and joined the HFD in 2001. 29-year-old Robert Garner was a trained paramedic and joined the Houston Fire Department in 2010. The youngest firefighter to died in the line-of-duty was 24-year-old Anne Sullivan who was still on probation after joining the HFD in April of 2013. This 5-alarm fire destroyed the “Southwest Inn”, previously known as the “Roadrunner Inn”. A nearby restaurant also burned to the ground.

Home Of Nathaniel Richardson Searched In New Boston Texas

New Boston, Texas (Texas News Blog): Police, state troopers and federal agents descended on the small Texas town of New Boston Saturday to search the home of 33-year-old Nathaniel Richardson on Maple Street. It is believed that authorities are investigating ricin laced letters mailed to a Member of Congress and President Barack Obama, recently. No charges have been filed against Richardson and law enforcement has not named him either as a suspect or person of interest in the case. That said, neighbors of Richardson were understandably shaken when dozens of local, state and federal officers entered this small town to search the home of one of their residents.

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Suicidal Man Shot/Killed By Police In Corsicana

Corsicana, Texas (Texas News Blog): An unidentified 21-year-old man was shot and killed by police in Corsicana, Texas early this morning. A 911 call was placed from the Cottonwood Trailer Park around 1:30. The caller reported a man shooting a firearm into the air. When officers arrived at the scene, the man was ordered to drop his weapon. Instead, he put the gun to his head and then a short time later pointed and fired that weapon at responding police officers. Two officers returned fire, killing the young man. The Texas Rangers have been asked to investigate this shooting.

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River Walk Fans Mourn George The Duck Killed By Thugs

San Antonio, Texas (Texas News Blog): On Tuesday, a couple of thugs murdered a San Antonio Texas River Walk icon named “George the Duck”. Tens of thousands of visitors have seen George while visiting the Original Mexican Restaurant. “George the Duck” took up residence in a spot near the front of that restaurant, as his home, for quite some time now. That is, until a couple of young men decided to first kidnap, torture and then murder him. There is surveillance video of this despicable act, which gives San Antonio police hope they will catch the two individuals involved. Some of you might see no harm or crime in what these two young men did, but there are many more people who want to see them in jail.

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Horrible Day For Houston Firefighters After 4 Die In Blaze

Houston, Texas (Texas News Blog): Friday was the worst single day in the history of the Houston Texas Fire Department. Four firefighters lost their lives in the line-of-duty in a single blaze at a local motel. In addition to the four dead firefighters, two others were critically injured. This tragic loss of life draws attention to the dangers firefighters face every time they leave the station to answer a call for help. While these deaths are unbearable for the families involved, regular citizens of Houston are grieving, as well, after the loss of these brave heroes.

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