Friday, May 31, 2013

Perfect School Attendance Since Pre-K Bria Bradshaw Dallas

Dallas, Texas (Texas News Blog) 17-year-old Bria Bradshaw will be graduating this year from high school earning a perfect attendance record. While that in itself is amazing, what is really unbelievable is that Bradshaw has never missed a day of school since she started in pre-K. While I'm pretty sure this is not a world record, I doubt if many other students have ever graduated from high school with a perfect attendance record of 62,000 hours of class without ever missing a day. Congratulation to Bria Bradshaw from Dallas. May you be a role model for future generations of kids.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

50 Years In Prison For Stealing Ribs Willie Smith Ward Waco

Waco, Texas (Texas News Blog): 43-year-old Willie Smith Ward was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Wednesday after a Waco Texas jury convicted him of stealing ribs from a local HEB grocery store. The ribs were valued at $35. The jury of Ward's peers were not just upset with his choice to steal food, but instead seemed convinced he would continue to break the law if allowed back on the streets. Ward's criminal history contains five felony and four misdemeanor convictions.

John Cleveland's Death Ruled Electrocution In Hardin County

Hardin County, Texas (Texas News Blog) 33-year-old John Cleveland was electrocuted on Tuesday while he was trying to steal wiring. His caused of death was released by Hardin County Sheriff Ed Cain, yesterday. Cleveland's body was found lying next to his truck on Pineville Road near Village Mills. The truck was still running and the drivers side door was open.

Woman Killed Near Churchill High School San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas (Texas News Blog): In a bizarre story, a woman was run over and killed by her own car this morning in front of Churchill High School in San Antonio Texas. At this time it is not known, if there was someone else behind the wheel and that person left the scene or if the lady somehow ran over herself with her own car. The name of the lady killed has not been released at this time, but it was learned that her car's registered owner lives in the 11000 block of Blanco Road.

Construction Worker Armando Gonzalez Crushed To Death

College Station, Texas (Texas News Blog): 49-year-old College Station construction worker Armando Gonzalez was killed in a workplace accident on Wednesday. The accident occurred near the Texas A&M Health Science Center on Burgess near Easterwood Airport. Police are still investigating what happened, but at this early stage it appears Gonzalez was crushed to death between two shoring panels each weighing nearly one ton. Witness said the ground was loose and something caused the shoring panels to shift resulting in Gonzalez's death. Armando Gonzalez was killed instantly, but it took four hours for rescue workers to safely remove his body from the site. Gonzalez was employed by Elliott Construction in Wellborn Texas. OSHA is investigating this workplace accident and is expected to release their findings at some future date.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2-Year-Old Trenton Mathis Accidental Shooting Victim

Lake Palestine, Texas (Texas News Blog): Trenton Mathis, age 2, died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head Wednesday afternoon near Lake Palestine Texas. According to investigators with the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office, this accidental shooting occurred around 3:15pm at the home of the child's grandparents. EMS was called to the scene in a failed attempt to save young Trenton's life. It is not known at this time how or why the child was able to get possession of the gun. ETMC Air-1 flew Mathis to it's Tyler Trauma Center where the child was pronounced dead a short time later. Child Protective Services (CPS) has joined the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office to investigate what happened and to determine, if any legal charges will be filed against the grandparents. Trenton Mathis would have celebrated his 3rd birthday on July 5th.

Adam Edmond Demirs Arrested For Murder After Shooting

Temple Texas (Texas News Blog): 27-year-old Adam Edmond Demirs was arrested on Monday after he admitted to shooting a Moody Texas businessman after an alleged road rage incident. According to police - Demirs and the owner of a tow truck company, 56-year-old Gary Martin, exchanged angry words on FM 2601 in Bell County a few days ago and that disagreement lead to Demirs shooting Martin several times in front of his tow truck. Police also said that Demirs left the scene and drove to Temple Texas where he called police and turned himself into authorities. Martin was pronounced dead by JP Ted Duffield who ordered an autopsy on his body. According to Demirs statement to police, he passed Martin on HWY 317 and sometime later he pulled over to the side of the road along with Martin. When Martin approached him, he told him not to get any closer and when he did - Demirs shot him several times resulting his death. Demirs was charged with aggravated assault in 2005, but was not sentenced to jail time. Instead, he was given ten years of probation.

Police Kill Senior Citizen Jerry Waller Tuesday Morning

Fort Worth, Texas (Texas News Blog): 72-year-old Jerry Waller was shot muliple times by Fort Worth Texas police early Tuesday morning in his own garage. Waller's wife Kathy was inside the home when her husband went outside to check on what she referred to as a ruckus. Before long, gunshots were heard and her husband was laying dead inside their garage. The Fort Worth Police Department released a statement stating the bullets that killed Waller were fired by one or more of their officers. According to a Fort Worth Police Department representative, the officers were dispatched to a home directly across the street from the Waller home. Why they fired shots at Mr. Waller killing him has not yet been explained. Waller was armed with a handgun, but it is not clear at this time whether or not it was pointed at or fired at the officers. The Waller's home is located near Woodhaven Country Club. The internal affairs division is investigating to find out, if the officers involved in this death used deadly force in accordance with department policy and/or state law.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Raul Stothart Son Chandler Drown In San Luis Pass Monday

Galveston Texas (Texas News Blog): 48-year-old Raul Stothart and his 10-year-old son Chandler drown on Monday in San Luis Pass in Galveston, Texas. Their bodies went missing overnight, but washed ashore on Tuesday. San Luis Pass is known for it's strong currents and that is reportedly how both Raul and Chandler lost their lives over the Memorial weekend. Authorities regularly warn swimmers about the strong currents in San Luis Pass. According to witnesses, young Chandler Stothart was playing with a friend in the water when both were swept off a sandbar. Both fathers entered the water to rescue their children, but only one set made it back to shore alive. At least six people drown over the Memorial holiday weekend in Texas.

Chief of Staff Jerome Oberlton Resigns From School District

Dallas, Texas (Texas News Blog) This morning, the chief of staff for the Dallas Independent School District tendered his immediate resignation. The reason for Jerome Oberlton's resignation might be tied to a federal investigation of the Atlanta ISD in 2006 when he was employed there. Dallas ISD superintendent Mike Miles announced Oberlton's resignation in a written statement. Miles said, “I was profoundly shocked and disappointed when I was told of the allegations," Miles said. "When I learned of the seriousness of this issue yesterday, I immediately requested Mr. Oberlton's resignation. I was shocked because the district conducted a thorough background and credit check including interviews with his most recent employer. My disappointment is accompanied by anger because Jerome did not inform us about his involvement in this investigation until yesterday." The federal investigation against Oberlton includes allegation he spent school funds on items of a personal nature.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Four Texans Killed In Memorial Day Crash On Interstate 20

Ranger, Texas (Texas News Blog): Four people were killed and three others injured in a major traffic accident on I-20 near Ranger, Texas. It all happened after a big rig truck lost control traveling eastbound. The truck hit a concrete barrier and then overturned hitting a Honda and Ford pickup. 34-year-old Hugo Marin, 34-year-old Erika Valenzuela and 3-year-old Max Ulloa all from El Paso Texas were pronounced dead at the scene. They were occupants in the Honda vehicle. 65-year-old Glyde David Henry from Midland Texas, who was driving the Ford pickup, also died at the scene. The driver of the big rig truck and a passenger were injured and taken to Palo Pinto General Hospital in Mineral Wells. A passenger in the Ford pickup also survived and was treated and released from the hospital. Texas DPS Trooper Robert McGrath is in charge of investigating this fatal accident.

Jesus Javier Gonzalez Killed By 18-Wheeler On Sunday

Chilton, Texas (Texas News Blog): 51-year-old Jesus Javier Gonzalez, a resident of Waco Texas, was killed early Sunday morning after he was hit by an 18-wheeler truck while walking down FM 434 near Chilton. The truck, a Kenworth, was driven by Cody Parrish also from Waco. The accident occurred around 2:00am and it is not known why Gonzalez was walking down that dark stretch of road so early in morning. Parrish was not injured. Chilton is located in Falls County in Central Texas about 10-miles west of Marlin.

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Alejandro Arrona Shot By Homeowner Then Arrested

Rosenberg, Texas (Texas News Blog): 19-year-old Alejandro Arrona was shot Sunday night by a homeowner who caught him breaking into his house. Arrona was shot six or seven times, but did not suffer life threatening injuries. Arrona was released from the hospital on Monday. According to police reports, a neighbor saw Arrona breaking into another man's house and then called the man to tell him what was happening. A short time later, the homeowner arrived with his father and after an altercation he shot Arrona several times. The house is located in the 400 block of Blume Road. After being released from the hospital, Rosenberg police took Arrona into custody and charged him with aggravated robbery, attempted burglary, and unlawful possession of a firearm. No charges were initially filed against the homeowner, but the Fort Bend County District Attorney will make the final decision.

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