Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gregory Allen Bridges Shot By Police - The Woodlands Tx

44-year-old Gregory Allen Bridges was shot and killed by police officers in The Woodlands Tx early Sunday morning. According to police reports, Bridges was pursued from Montgomery County to The Woodlands where his car was slowed down by spike strips. Once Bridges was cornered by police, he tried to run down one of the officers and was shot and killed.

Rocky Maxey Killed In Traffic Accident - Midland Tx

49-year-old Rocky Maxey was killed in a traffic accident on Loop 250 in Midland Texas on Saturday. According to police reports, Maxey was traveling at a high rate of speed when he tried to pass a big rig truck on the right side of the road. He then hit a curb, over corrected and flipped his SUV several times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Philip Bryan Fugate Arrested In Mansfield Tx

44-year-old Philip Bryan Fugate was arrested this weekend and charged with the Intoxication Manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. 23-year-old Jade Jiles and her dog were killed last weekend after Fugate allegedly hit them with his vehicle. Jiles leaves behind a 6-month-old son and a lifelong dream to become a school teacher.

Brittney Griner's College Career Comes To An End

Now that Louisville defeated Baylor, the outstanding collegiate career of Brittney Griner has come to an end. What a career it was as she broke record after record and lead her team to a national championship in 2012. Baylor Lady Bears' fans like myself are devastated tonight, but in fairness to Louisville, they came to play tonight and play they did. Louisville completely took Brittney Griner out of the game tonight and that is exactly what a team must do if they want to beat Baylor. Now I look forward to watching Griner play in the WNBA for many years to come.

Heavy Thunderstorms & Hail Expected In Central Texas

Over much of Central Texas this afternoon, heavy cloud-cover is the norm. Soon, many areas will experience heavy thunderstorms and hail. Most of Central Texas is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until sundown tonight. Meteorologist from Dallas / Fort Worth to San Antonio and beyond are keeping a close eye on these approaching storms. If you travel outside this Easter Sunday afternoon, don't forget your umbrella.

Replay Sheriff Byrnes News Conference Kaufman County Texas

This afternoon, Sheriff David Byrnes conducted a news conference about the ongoing investigation into the murder of Mike and Cynthia McLelland last night. Mr. McLelland was the district attorney for Kaufman County Texas. While few new details were provided by Sheriff David Byrnes, he did reveal that it was a telephone tip that lead sheriffs deputies to the McLelland home last night. Click the picture above to watch a replay of Sheriff David Byrnes Sunday news conference.

Pedestrians Run Over By Vehicles Increase In Texas

Since I spend much of my day reading news from around the state of Texas, things start to stick out to me that might be missed by others. One thing lately that seems to be getting worse in the state are the numbers of pedestrians being killed by drivers. From big cities like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio to small communities like Bellmead - the number of Texans being run over and killed by motor vehicles are definitely increasing. While I am not trying to put all the blame for these tragic deaths on the folks who are behind the wheel, it isn't a fair fight when a 3000 pound car collides with a human being. While there is no proof that cell phones and texting are playing a greater part in these tragic deaths. Common sense would seem to suggest they are playing a greater role today than in the past.

Securing The Border Important To Texas Voters

While people thousands of miles away from the United States and Mexican border seem unconcerned about the thousands of people entering the country illegally, most folks in Texas consider securing the U.S. border with Mexico the most important issue in the debate over comprehensive immigration reform. One quick look at the violent news coming out of Mexico recently should create terror in the minds of all Americans as to what could happen in our own country, if political correctness takes precedence over the rule of law. Texas is a great place to live and work and we should all work hard to keep it that way.

Repeat Seems Likely For Baylor Lady Bears In 2013

Just like in 2012, Baylor University's Lady Bears' are poised to repeat as basketball national champions in 2013. As a fan of the team, I am excited each time they take to the court. Many Lady Bears games are not even close contests. That said, I am sure fans of other teams are counting the days when 6 foot 8 inches of Brittney Griner completes her days as a college basketball player. Only a few more games remain in the 2013 season and right now Coach Mulkey's young women are in the drivers seat to bring that big trophy back home to Waco, again.

Female Teacher Sex Scandals Soar In Texas

It wasn't that many years ago when if you read in the newspaper about a case of sexual abuse between a school teacher and a student - it always involved a male teacher and a female student. However, in Texas today - a vast majority of these types of cases involve a female teacher and a male student. I hope this is not what feminist leaders wanted when they worked so hard to promote equality of the sexes? Sadly, it is becoming so common for a female teacher to be arrested for sexually assaulting male students these days, few folks are even paying attention anymore.

Is Kaufman County Texas Like Chicago 100 Years Ago?

Who could forget the movies and books that portrayed the bloodshed in Chicago during the days of Al Capone 100-year-ago? One of the biggest targets of Capone were law enforcement officials who could not be bought and paid for with his huge stash of cash. Today, in Kaufman County Texas, two members of the district attorney's office have been murdered since the first of the year and just like in old Chicago, no one has been arrested yet. It is pretty clear that something isn't right in Kaufman County Texas and hopefully now that the District Attorney and his wife have been murdered there, new clues will lead to who is really responsible.

Celebrating Easter Sunday 2013 - Texas Style

Today is Easter Sunday 2013 and millions of Texans are preparing to visit the church of their choice to honor Jesus Christ. I think the reason why Texans love Easter, in addition to the biblical meaning, is because late March is the one time of the year when Texas weather is better than anywhere else in the world. So to all of you who stop by and take the time to read my blog - Happy Easter to you and your family!

Marcus "Big Country" Senegal Killed In Port Arthur Tx

29-year-old Marcus Senegal, better known to his friends as "Big Country" was shot and killed early Saturday morning in Port Arthur Texas. In addition to the death of "Big Country", another man was shot in the leg by the same gunman(s). While police were investigating this fatal shooting, they heard even more gunshots coming from the Prince Hall apartment complex on 14th Street. At that location, another person was shot and wounded. Port Arthur police are still searching for the people responsible for these shootings. If you can help, please give them a call.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cynthia McLelland & Husband Mike Murdered - Forney Tx

Police from all over the state of Texas are converging on the small town of Forney tonight to help investigate the murder of Cynthia McLelland and her husband, Kaufman County District Attorney Mike. Tonight marks the second time in recent months that a member of the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office has been murdered. According to police, Cynthia McLelland was shot once - but her husband Mike was shot several times before he died.

Ryan Garcia Killed In Car Crash - Robstown Tx

22-year-old Ryan Garcia died in a car crash in Robstown Texas early Saturday morning. The accident took place on State Highway 44. According to police, it appears that Garcia fell asleep behind the wheel and when he left the roadway he woke up and then over corrected causing his vehicle to roll over. He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police said he was wearing a seat-belt.

Mike McLelland & Wife Cynthia Murdered In Kaufman County Tx

The district attorney, Mike McLelland, and his wife Cynthia, from Kaufman County were murdered in their rural Forney Texas home Saturday night. The Kaufman County Sheriffs Office and Texas Rangers are leading the investigation into this crime. You might remember several months ago an assistant district attorney from the same Texas county, Mark Hasse, was also murdered. There is no word on whether police believe the murders tonight of Mike McLelland and his wife are connected in anyway to the murder of Hasse.

Jade Jiles Killed By Hit & Run Driver In Mansfield Tx

23-year-old Jade Jiles was killed by a hit and run driver early Saturday morning in the 1800 block of FM 1187 near Sheppard Elementary School in Mansfield, Texas. The suspect, 44-year-old Phillip Fugate, of Rendon, was later arrested by police. Fugate is being held on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter.

David Ray Page From El Paso Tx Arrest In Shooting

60-year-old David Ray Page from El Paso Texas was arrested recently and charged with a shooting at a local bar earlier this month. On March 7th, an employee of the bar refused to serve Page anymore alcohol because he was already intoxicated. In anger, Page left the bar and returned with a handgun. A 34-year-old man who was standing outside the bar was allegedly shot by Page in the right calf. Bond for David Ray Page was set at $ 200,000. He is currently housed in the El Paso County Detention Center.

Daniel Ortiz From Odessa Tx Killed In Traffic Accident

21-year-old Daniel Ortiz of Odessa Texas was killed Friday afternoon when he lost control of his Chevrolet vehicle on the southbound side of FM 1788. Ortiz died at the scene. Police said he was not wearing a seat-belt.

Kevin Mincher Killed By Car In San Augustine Tx

46-year-old Kevin Mincher was walking down State Highway 147 Friday night in San Augustine County when he was hit by a vehicle. William Campbell, of Houston, was driving that vehicle, a 2005 Toyota 4Runner. Mincher was pronounced dead at the scene around 8pm last night just south of Farm Road 2851.

Man Murdered On Brook Valley Lane In Dallas Tx

Late Friday night, a man was found murdered at home in the 800 block of Brook Valley Lane in Dallas. At this time, police are unsure if the man was killed as a result of a home invasion or came home while his house was being burglarized. His name has not been released at this time.

Tammy Lowe Indicted - Adams Middle School - Grand Prairie Tx

A former teacher with the Adams Middle School in Grand Prairie Tx, 53-year-old Tammy Lowe, has been indicted on charges of manslaughter - hit and run and failure to stop and render aid. Lowe was driving a vehicle when in January of this year John Raidy was crossing a street. According to police reports, Lowe ran a red light hitting Raidy as his mother and sister watched.

House Fire - 2203 Onion Creek Parkway - Austin Tx

A fire early this morning in Austin has left eight people looking for a new place to live. According to the fire department, an unattended burning barbecue pit spread to a house and caused it to catch fire. The homeowners were asleep when the fire started, but were awakened by a smoke detector. $ 250,000 worth of damage to the home and contents were reported.

Drunk Man Hit By Police Car - 9500 Console - San Antonio Tx

Around 2am this morning, a man in the 9500 block of Console in San Antonio walked in front of a police car and was injured. The man had just gone into a bar to drink even more, but the bartender would not serve him. The bartender even offered to call the man a cab, but he refused. The man then walked into the street and was hit by a police car.

Drive By Shooting - Wilcrest At Village Bend - Houston Tx

Around 5am this morning, there was a drive by shooting at Wilcrest and Village Bend that left one man brain dead. According to police reports, two men were driving in a car when someone pulled up along side them and shot the man sitting in the passenger seat in the head. The driver of the car was not injured even though he lost control of the vehicle and crash it into a sign pole. Houston police have not made an arrest in this case as of yet.

No Purple Hearts For Fort Hood Soldiers - Killeen Tx

The US Army has decided that no Purple Hearts will be awarded to wounded soldiers after alleged shooter Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on his fellow services members back in 2009. The Army said: they did not want to interfere with him getting a fair trial. Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't the US Army be more concerned about the soldiers who were injured and gave their lives that day at Fort Hood Tx, than the man who cause it?

Carlo Gonzales - Car Burglaries Arrest - Corpus Christi Tx

17-year-old Carlo Gonzales was arrested Friday and charged with the burglaries of several cars on Gollihar and McAardle in Corpus Christi. Police reports say that witnesses saw Gonzales walking up and down Hamlett checking car doors to see if they were locked. Gonzales was charged with auto burglary.

Male Body Found In Waco Creek Between Webster & Jackson

A badly decomposed body was found yesterday in a Waco Tx creek. Police are still investigating whether or not this person died from natural causes, an accident or homicide. The Waco Police Department was called yesterday around noon by a man who lives on Webster Avenue. He told police he saw an arm sticking out of the creek. An autopsy has been order. At this time, police do not know the identity of the person.

Catalina Village Apartments - Robbery & Rape - Houston Tx

A robbery and rape took place recently at the Catalina Village Apartments in the 3500 block of Dixie and Old Spanish Trail in Houston. The victim, a 21-year-old woman, was kidnapped and taken to an ATM machine and forced to withdraw money. Then the two men who kidnapped her took her to a secluded location where she was raped.

Tony Romo - With Cowboys Thru 2019 - Dallas Tx

We all knew the day was coming when Tony Romo would sign a new contract with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Well, that day was yesterday and at the end of the day - Tony Romo will become wealthier than any quarterback in Cowboys' history. Tony Romo's new deal will guarantee him $ 55 million in a total deal worth $ 108 million dollars. Now let's just hope he starts to play better next year.

Greta McAdams - Possession Of Marijuana - Bellevue Tx

Greta Marie McAdams was arrest on Thursday night after Bellevue police officers discovered marijuana in her vehicle during a routine traffic stop. McAdams was booked into the Clay County jail on a charge of possession of marijuana over 5 pounds.

Adam Galaz - False Alarm & Public Intoxication - Tyler Tx

Last night around 7pm, Adam Glaz called 911 in Tyler and reported that a child had been shot. When police arrived at the address they were unable to find any injured child. Then that same caller told police he was following the alleged shooter until that person crash their car. When police arrived at that scene, nothing was found either. When Tyler police tracked down the 911 caller, Adam Glaz, he admitted he made the whole thing up just to get his girlfriend in trouble.

Oscar Longoria - Warrants For Manslaughter - Lubbock Tx

Warrants for the arrest of 18-year-old Oscar Longoria have been issued in Lubbock for the manslaughter death of 17-year-old Angel Flores on February 23. Flores died when the vehicle Lorgoria was driving slammed into utility pole. 19-year-old Cyrus Jackson was also injured. If you have information on the whereabouts of Oscar Longoria, please contact the Lubbock Police Department.

Police Standoff - 500 Block Of DeQueen - Port Arthur Tx

Two men were shot last night around 11pm in Port Arthur. According to police, the two men were in the front yard of a home at 2822 10th Street when another man came up and shot them both in the chest. Both men were taken to Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth. Their condition is unknown at this time. A little after midnight, police were at the DeQueen Street home trying to get the suspect to surrender.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Banda - Gonsalez & Contreras Arrested - El Paso Tx

Fransisco Banda, Mario Gonsalez and Jesus Contreras were arrested recently and charged with assaulting three victims in front of a home on Belfry Park in El Paso. All three victims required hospitalization. When these three suspects were arrested, police found Meth inside their home.

Joseph Holloway - Wanted For Burglary - Amarillo Tx

Amarillo police are searching for 28-year-old Joseph Lee Holloway in connection to a robbery at Toot'n Totum. He is also wanted for credit or debit card abuse. If you know the whereabouts of Holloway, please call Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.

Shareyll Hunter - Assault With Vehicle - Houston Tx

26-year-old Shareyll Hunter is wanted by police in Houston after she ran down a female rival with her car. This happened in the 9600 block of Ravensworth Drive. The victims name is Alise Kelly. According to police reports - both Kelly and Hunter became pregnant by the same man, Christopher Chaney. One of Kelly's legs was amputated at a local hospital.

Hipolito Rebollar Arrested For Reckless Driving - Austin Tx

23-year-old Hipolito Rebollar was arrested recently and charged with reckless driving. According to police, on March 13th of this year Rebollar lost control of the car he was driving and plowed into 18 Vehicles on I-35. Damage was in excess of $ 200,000. Allegedly, Rebollar pulled himself out of his wrecked car and fled the scene.

Kimberly McCarthy - Execution Stayed - Lancaster Tx

In 1997, an elderly woman from Dallas County was murdered. Later a jury convicted Kimberly McCarthy of causing that death and gave her a death sentence for the crime. Yesterday, Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins gave McCarthy a temporary stay of execution in order to make sure she received a fair trial. McCarthy will not be scheduled for execution again until at least June 26, 2013.

Juan Espinoza Killed - ATV Accident - Smith County Tx

A man was killed yesterday after he borrowed an ATV from a coworker and later after crashing it, died. Juan Espinoza was found by the ATV owner after he began a search for him when he did not return the ATV when expected. According to police reports, Espinoza suffer massive head trauma. He was not wearing a helmet. The accident occurred on FM 1252 south of Winona.

Las Brazas Restaurant Robbed On Vance Jackson - San Antonio Tx

Last night around 11:30pm, the Las Brazas Restaurant on Vance Jackson in San Antonio was robbed. According to police reports, a man walked into the business with a shotgun and demanded money. Witnesses said the suspect was driving a gray SUV. It is unknown at this time how much money was taken from the restaurant.

Gilberto Bustamante & Jessica Gaytan Arrested - Corpus Christi Tx

29-year-old Gilberto Bustamante and 26-year-old Jessica Gaytan were arrested last night after a traffic stop in Corpus Christi Texas. Inside the vehicle they were stopped in, police found marijuana, crack cocaine and $ 750 cash. The pair were pulled over at Baldwin and Elizabeth.

Marcus Lozano - Arrested For January Crime - College Station Tx

24-year-old Marcus Zachary Lozano was arrested yesterday for crimes he committed back in January. Around 3am on January 27th, Texas A&M police spotted him driving a white SUV over some raised medians. After pursuing him, Lozano hit a black SUV and did not stopped. He has been booked into the Brazos County jail under a $ 58,000 bond.

Devin Brown Arrested - Former Spurs Star - San Antonio Tx

34-year-old Devin Brown, former San Antonio Tx Spurs star, was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) on Tuesday. When pulled over, his blood alcohol level was measured at .15. That is about twice the legal limit in Texas. Brown played for the San Antonio Spurs from 2002-2005.

Eric Ayala - Stabs A Woman 20 Times Thursday - Houston Tx

21-year-old Eric Ayala was arrested and charged with stabbing a woman 20 plus times in Houston Texas. According to police reports, Ayala broke into his ex-girlfriends house and started stabbing her over and over again. The woman victim is currently listed in fair condition in a local hospital.

Wild Feral Hogs Create Traffic Hazards On Texas Rural Highways

About one week ago, a family traveling on a rural section of Texas Highway 130 near Austin drove up on the shock of their lives. The male driver started saying "no, no, no" and a few moments later his vehicle had overturned and was completely totaled. What happened? According to the passengers in the car, the driver happened upon a group of wild feral hogs standing in the middle of Texas Highway 130. No one in the car was seriously injured - but the family pet, a dog, was killed. The family involved in this car crash into wild feral hogs wanted to alert the public that large groups of these wild animals are becoming more frequent on Texas roads and highways.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bryan “Ace” Lackey - Killed On Motorcycle - Montgomery County Tx

A popular motorcycle rider and national road captain for the San Jacinto High Rollers died on Wednesday when his bike was hit by a car. Bryan “Ace” Lackey died of injuries he sustained in the accident. Sadly, the driver of the car 23-year-old Rodrigo Gallegos was allegedly driving while intoxicated. The San Jacinto High Rollers ride their motorcycles to raise money for children's charities.

James Bradshaw - Police Officer Arrested - Canton Tx

James Melvin Bradshaw, a police officer in Canton Texas was arrested recently and charged in federal court with acquiring a controlled substance by misrepresentation. Bradshaw has been a police officer in Canton since 2005. If convicted, he could spent four years in federal prison for each count.

Sheriff Thomas Anderson - Arrested Wednesday - Fairfield Tx

The newly elected Freestone County Sheriff Thomas Anderson was arrested on Wednesday and charged with false reporting of training standards to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standard and Education (TCLEOSE). One of his deputies, Captain Travis Robertson, was also arrested. The two were indicted in Travis County Texas.

Kerry Jones - Colleyville Counselor Indicted - Trophy Club Tx

A counselor at the Colleyville Heritage High School was indicted recently on four counts of having an improper relationship between an educator and student. Kerry Jones is also a member of the school board at Northwest ISD. The alleged incidents occurred between 2010 and 2011.